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By vurich

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  1. vurich

    First Tee Box

    Just wanted to publicly thank Cathi again for the amazing holiday gift of a dozen of the new, game changing AVX balls. They are fantastic and a great addition to the Titleist ball line-up! You must try them out. Your game will never be the same.

    I've been gaming them and touting their benefits to all my buddies who have purchased and played these beauties.

    While I'm at it, I also want to publicly thank Mike, Chris, Rick, Brice, Abby, Will, Bubba, Cameron, Liz, Sue, Dino, Mike, David, Andy, Spencer, my local rep John and anyone else I missed for everything they have done for me and my ever stuggling game and my never ending quest of playing better golf.

    I have had the great and distinct pleasure of meeting with these amazing Titleist people and working with, correspond with, exchanging ideas with and of course, play golf with over the years.

    Team Titleist has been the highlight of the 50 years since I first learned to play this great game.

    Cameron brought me into Team Titleist at it's inception years ago when I got my first hole in one. He told me to write about it and they'd put my experience on their new site.

    It was the urging of my mother who knew how much I loved all things Titleist. She told me to call. "I bet they have something for you," my mom said.

    Of course, Titleist did. A wonderful note accompanied by a Titleist hat, sleeves of new balls and a glorious hole-in-one bag tag that I still proudly display on my bag today.

    I had the added benefit of linking up with the great community now called Team Titleist.

    I achieved every golfer's dream of getting a hole-in-one with all Titleist products from head to toe, tee to green.

    Titleist is the best customer service of any company I have ever dealt with and has satisfied all my problems and concerns over the years.

    Since Team Titleist started, I can't thank everyone enough for their support, encouragement and generosity.

    And of course, for all the amazing Titleist swag!

    The outings, new club launches, private events, public events, fittings, golf clubs, hats, ball markers, balls, towels, socks, valuable pouches, gloves, shirts, pull overs, divot tools, groove cleaners, golf bags, bag tags, coffee mugs, lanyards, golf tees, t-shirts, golf shirts, notebooks, pens and anything else that I've missed.

    I am and always will be a loyal member of Team Titleist and consumer of all Titleist products.

    Keep up the great work, everyone! Thanks for everything! #TeamTitleist

  2. No'l

    Palmdale, CA


    That was a very nice and a sincere letter to read. I am touched by it as I think of the things Titleist has done for me. I only wish I could write and collect my thoughts as well as you.

    Yes, Cathi, Thank you!

    And yes, thank you to all of Team Titleist staff and members whom have contributed many things/suggestions to keep things going for everyone including me. Slowly but surely, I have become all Titleist for the reason that Titleist offers me the best equipment and fit in the market including support and guidance along my way in search to be better in golf.

    Yes, thank you Cathi for the box of AVX golf balls that arrived at my door a day before Christmas and my trip to Asia- I had a blast playing an amazing ball and learning about it... yes, there were many other things like the greatest an invitation to TPI in Oceanside, the fitting at TPI, the 917 driver and the head cover and tools it came with, the coffee mug that I use each morning, divot fix and ball marker, my very cool TT bag tag, lanyard, grove cleaner..etc.

    I am very proud to represent the Titleist brand as I grow in with this game. I'll always be with Titleist as I introduce and convert friends and acquaintances into a Titleist user/gamer.

    Thank you so much for everything.


  3. That's a cool story.
  4. Steve S

    Steve S
    Tuckerton, NJ

    What a great post. Well written and came from the heart. I'm sure most of us feel much of what you have put in your post. Thanks for a great read. And Thank You TT.
    Play Well,
    Steve S.
  5. I always laugh about it with my friends and family. Titleist products are so good I would play them regardless, but on top of the great products they have the best people in the game. This forum is great, love the questions and stories, and the ability to ask questions when needed. The staff and members here are all fantastic. My son is waiting until he is big enough to move into one of my old sets of Titleist so he can be a part of this community too. Thank you TT
  6. Marc S

    Marc S
    El Paso, TX

    Vern, I think the only thing you forgot was to thank me and my address to share some of that swag. LOL. You are the epitome of a brand ambassador and I am proud to call you my friend. Hope you are well and keep em in the short grass. Schultzy
  7. vurich

    First Tee Box

    Marc, so great to hear from you buddy. To those of you that don't know, "Schultzy," or, "Marc S" as he's known on the TT blogs and boards, and his best friend, "Brent Wells," have not only served our great country in the armed forces, but put almost everyone to shame as Titleist Brand Ambassadors. I met Marc and Brent at one of the first Team Titleist Invitationals at the Grand Del Mar in San Diego. Marc and Brent were tailored from head to toe in all things Titleist. I was awed and inspired. We were all treated to golf, carts, lunch, awards, an awards ceremony, food, drink and more T.T. swag than we could carry on the plane. I got to meet Mikey D., Rick, Cathi and the other great T.T. reps. We played with Brice, who is also an amazing leader and rep at Titleist in a foursome. It was an amazing day and will always be remembered as one of my all time golfing highlights. This is what this great site does. Thanks again to all of you! #TeamTitleist
  8. Travis W

    Travis W
    Jacksonville, FL

    Looking forward to the next Team Titleist event in the North Florida area. Hopefully I can make it next time.

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