Pebble Beach Yesterday

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By B.A.

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  1. B.A.

    Los Gatos, CA

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    All these posts about bad weather and being stuck inside, I thought I’d post about a nice day in California...

    While I did not have my best round, I did have a great day enjoying my Titleists!

    Post Image
    Post Image
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    Amazing! Sounds, and looks, like a great day. Thanks for sharing, B.A.
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    Looks nice!!!
  4. Kathy J
    Portland, OR

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    Looks like a great day to play Pebble!

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    B.A., I'm not going to lie, I am extremely jealous. :)
    Here in North Dakota, we have nice sunny skies but the high is -15. I think I'd rather be at Pebble any day of the week and twice on Sundays.

    Thanks for the photos.

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    Little jealous. Stuck here in the Midwest with snow and single digit temps.
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    Looks great! Got out and played in CO today. The greens were a little frozen, but was nice to play. Not near as nice as Pebble though! Thanks for posting.

  8. Todd T
    San Diego, CA

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    Nice round!
  9. Steve S
    Tuckerton, NJ

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    Great post B.A. Thanks for sharing.
    Play Well,
    Steve S.
  10. Gabriel G
    Cedar Park, TX

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    I like to log on to the camera at Pebble Beach. Watch the golfers tee off.
  11. Greg D
    Oklahoma City, OK

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    Wow! Very jealous here. I will be there for the Pro-am in February for the first time. I'm going to try to snag a tee time Tuesday after the tournament but chances are slim as I'm not staying on the property. Keeping my fingers crossed though. Your pics make it look really amazing!
  12. greg p
    Algonquin, IL

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    Thanks, B.A. I needed this. 3* here in Chicago.

    Looks like you had a great day.

  13. Lance P
    hillsborough, NC

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    Very nice pics. The sky/clouds look beautiful!
    Thank you for sharing.
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    Hi Ben, What a gorgeous day you had and a great picture of the 7th with the clouds! Thanks for sharing it!
  15. Bruce S
    Sunnyvale, CA

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    Hey Ben,
    Looks like a beautiful day at PB! We played Spyglass and Spanish Bay recently and the weather was really good too! Are you still a Duke's Club member?
  16. B.A.
    Los Gatos, CA

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    Thanks all! You always got to appreciate a nice day at Pebble. It’s normally not a tough course, but you always get a little rush when you tee off and that makes the first hole a bit tougher than it should be. Then, always in December/January, they let the rough grow before a nice trim for the Pro/Am. Our group lost a few balls because you couldn’t see them unless you were standing over them.

    Bruce, I didn’t renew this year since I didn’t use it at all last year. I probably will renew next year though.
  17. Chris M

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    amazing! a dream to play Pebble Beach

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