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  1. 808HACKER

    Leonia, NJ

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    Any ideas as to what kind of a tool I need to stamp my own letters into my vokeys?


  2. Eric S
    Springdale, AR

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    36 piece 1/8" steel letter/number stamping set. U can find em for around 10 bucks. Get some strong two sided tape and tape the face to a sturdy work bench, grab ya a heavy hammer and get to work. I'd experiment with and old wedge if you have one first though just to get comfortable doing it.  

  3. Justinu3
    Clive, IA

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    You have a few options:

    1. You can send them in to Wedgeworks for their wedge services.

    2. If you're wanting to DIY, 1/8" is typically used for the stamping.  The Tour Van uses Young Brothers stamps (sharper better stamps).  I made the mistake of buying cheaper stamps to do my wedges.  Then use Elmer's paint pens and fill the stamping, then wipe with acetone on paper towel 

    Stamping/painting is the only thing I'll try on my own.  If I need anything else done on one of my Vokeys... they are headed for Wedgeworks!

  4. Ruben A
    Atlanta, GA

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    If you go the DIY route, practice on a club you don't care about until you get it right.  It may seem simple, but there's a bit of technique involved.

  5. Carlo Angelo
    Rancho Cucamonga, CA

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    Tried doing my own wedge works... Painting was no problem. The stamping is tricky... Good thing I practiced first on an old oil can Vokey. They seem to be harder metal...

  6. Carlo Angelo
    Rancho Cucamonga, CA

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    Did some more wedge working.  Now this is the real thing, current wedges SM4 48*, 52* and 58*

  7. Chris Hatem

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    What size/model/manufacturer stamps did you use there?  My feeling is that 1/8" is too small and that 3/16" is too big! But it looks like you got something in the middle.



  8. Chris Hatem

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    oops, I meant between 1/8" and 5/16"...
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    I know this is an old thread but I'm guessing it was 1/4" BTW The final result looks really good.

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