Titleist 910 D3 question about surefit

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By Afkari A

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  1. Hi,

    I changed the sure fit settings to c3 instead of a1 at the pro shop in malaysia. I remembered when it was on A1 and there was no gap between the ferrule and the sure fit thing. Once the pro shop fitter changed the settings with the titleist wrench, he screwed in until it goes small repeating movement like stop go stop go stop and there were no sound from the small repeating movement until it clicked. I heard the click once then he screwed a tiny bit further with no sound after the click. Will this effect the sure fit screw and the screw hole? 
    The head screw seem to be offset by the washer, that is worrying me because i think it should be centered in the washer.
     I started to notice the ferrule creeping by a tiny gap. Is this going to affect the performance of the driver?
    I have tried to twist the shaft and the head is not loose. I shake it from the head and  i can feel a tiny tiny amount of loose movement too. is this normal?
    That picture is after i gave the pro shop fitter to change to C3.
    That picture is before when i first bought it with the stock settings of A1.
  2. Hi  Afkari, 

    Thanks for your message. Can I check, have you had the shaft changed in the club? Do let me know. Thanks. 

    Tom  Hutton
    Team Titleist South East Asia 

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