Titleist 2014 Test Ball

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By puglee

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  1. puglee

    Singapore, 0

    Firstly, a big thank to Acushnet and Tom Hutton for making this happen in Singapore. Surprised and excited to receive the balls and went to the course to try them out ASAP. Did the survey but can't find the official discussion so I thought to pen down some thoughts here. In summary, this ball is soft yet firm enough to provide lots of feedback. It felt solid off the driver and the flight seems to be lower. On approach shots and wedge shots, it seems to have slightly more roll out on the green. What is most amazing is the putting. It feels super good off the putter with loads of feedback. Makes putting enjoyable. Very glad that supporters and fans in SEA are able to contribute to the ball testing. Acushnet has done well in providing oportunities for amateurs to try and test their products. Regards Lee
  2. Eng Sim L

    Eng Sim L
    Selangor, AP

    i receive the test ball...nice ball and a big thank you to Acushnet for trusting me to try out the new test ball...

    love it....

  3. Leonard L

    Leonard L

    Hi Lee, 

    Was the ball you tested the Pro V1 or the Pro V1x? The lower ball flight and the roll out seems to hint at a lower spin characteristic. If it's the Pro V1x that you tested, then it seems like it will be more of a distance ball compared to the Pro V1, which is interesting as this could mean a bigger difference between the two models when previously it was very very hard for me to distinguish between the two. 

    Am looking forward to giving the balls a test too. In the meantime, mine are still mint in box ;) at least, not for long.



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