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  1. Good morning

    I am wondering if club fitting will solve my swing problem. I swing from inside out, my down swing is very fast and these cause me to hook so badly. I don't seem to be away to complete my swing and my mind is always thinking of going for distance causing me to hit very hard. 

    I bought something at Pan west and the guy there said I need club fitting to resolve my hooking and that I don't need to change my swing, is that true? I am thinking of giving up golf but I thot I email you guys if there is help for me.


  2. Hi Peter,

    The number one influence on ball flight will always be technique. However this being said if your clubs are incorrect they can affect your technique and ability to improve your action

    To gain maximum potential from both your golf clubs and yourself have your clubs personally fitted to suit your game. Having clubs that have the correct shaft weight, flex, length and flight properties as well as making sure you have the correct lofts, lie angles and head designs to suit your technique and tendencies will help not only your good shots reach maximum potential, but it will also make your bad shots better.

    Whether golfers are serious or social their individual technique, tendencies and tempo will be very similar from round to round. All golfers regardless of skill level will have areas of their game that are strengths and weaknesses, certain long term tendencies or patterns that will be apparent with both their good and bad shots. Fitted golf clubs help to minimise the errors we all make and complement our strengths to the upmost.

    A holistic approach is always the best way to achieve your peak performance, a combination of working to improve your technique with a qualified PGA member and golf clubs that complement you are the best way to see your golf swing improve to shoot the lower scores you are striving for.

    Hope this helps,


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