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By Nikhil K

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  1. Nikhil K

    Nikhil K
    Singapore, 0

    This might be a slightly stupid question but i am going to ask it nonetheless. I was wondering if tour players changed their wedge configuration depending on which tournament they are playing in. For example, if they are playing on a course where the course if very soft then going in with wedges with more bounce or vice versa. Or do they just have a set of wedges that they use throughout the season?

  2. Hi Nik, 

    Its not a silly question at all. And yes, they do. They'll stick to their usual set up for most events (as conditions tend not to change too dramatically), but then may tweak for certain events depending on conditions. One time that most Tour Players will seriously look at whether they need to make any changes will be around the majors (or potentially if they are playing overseas in different conditions). We all know that Augusta is pretty firm for example, so in the video below you see Titleist Brand Ambassador Scott Stallings working on changing his wedge set up ready for the Masters while at Bay Hill a few weeks before. 

    Let me know if you have any more questions. 

    Tom Hutton
    Titleist South East Asia

  3. Nikhil K

    Nikhil K
    Singapore, 0

    No. That pretty much answers it. That is wicked! Augusta is the specific one i was wondering about actually....the amount of tight lies etc that the pros face must warrant changes in their wedges. And i imagine its similar for the The Open Championship too!

  4. Shaun M

    Shaun M
    Singapore, 0

    Hi Nik

    As you mention during the Open Championship golfers may benefit from a slightly lower bounce angle than they would normally play. This is due to the firmer, tighter fairways we normally see for this event. This would be determined after the golfer spends time with their club fitter to help them dial in their wedges.

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