What Wedge set up would you use if you were playing Augusta National at the Masters?

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By Tom H Team Titleist SEA Manager

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  1. Hi All, 

    We all know how important the short game is to anyone playing Augusta National for the Masters this week. In the following video, Titleist Brand Ambassador Scott Stallings works with Aaron Dill from the Vokey Design Tour Team to customize some wedges for him ready for Augusta. 

    Personally, I would probably keep with my current set up of SM5 52.08 (F Grind), 56.10 (S Grind) and 60.07 (S grind). As I am more of a slider than a digger, and a lower bounce suits tight lies such as those at Augusta better, I wouldn't see too much need to change my set up (not that I can see myself playing Augusta anytime soon, but a golfer can always dream). If anything, I may reduce the bounce on my 60 degree wedge to the 60.04 (L grind) as the lower bounce in the 60 degree wedge may give me some additional help with the tight lies at Augusta.  

    What would you change, if anything, to your wedge set up if you were playing Augusta this week? If you need more advice on wedge selection, you can check out the Vokey Wedge Selection guide by following this link:

    Vokey Wedge Selection Guide


    Tom Hutton
    Titleist South East Asia 

  2. Shaun M

    Shaun M
    Singapore, 0

    Hi Tom,

    Not that I can see myself playing Augusta anytime soon either but it's nice to imagine.

    I would keep my wedge configuration as it is 48.08 F, 54.10 M & 60.11 K. One thing I would add to these 3 would be the 64.07 T, which could help around the greens to provide some extra elevation to some of those tricky tight pin positions we see there. 


    #2014Masters #InVokeWeTrust 

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