New line of Scotty's or another one off?

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By BCochran

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  1. BCochran



    Saw the promo from SC about something new coming next week. Does anyone know if it's a new line of putters or another limited edition release?

  2. I’ve got no idea but that’s exciting - where’d you see the promo at? I’m in the market and would like to purchase my first Scotty… really liking the Newport but if something new may be coming I’d like to see if it’s any different!
  3. Tyler_S

    Orange, CA

    It looks like it's going to be a new line. Called the Super Select. Appears he has taken putter designs from a few lines like the Jet Black plus, Special Select, Golo and refined them with new materials.

    Expected to be out in March.

    They look pretty clean. Newport or Newport 2 Plus for me but will need to see in hand first.
  4. Military
    Just announced today…looks like more of the same, just changed the window dressing and got the media department to write them up like there is some new technology in them that will make you sink more putts…lol…
  5. Details of new Super Select range

    I was hoping for a new centre shafted GoLo model as I currently use an old one... but it seems centre shafted users have been overlooked again.
  6. Bryan W

    Bryan W
    Hillsboro, OR

    As a lefty, it's nice to see new options. I will order a:

    Newport 2 Plus with 20g weights at 33.5" / 71º Lie / 4º Loft.

  7. @Bryan W, good thing you are in the USA. No hope in Australia. Apparently all gone in presalesin less than 24hrs....
  8. Brandon P

    Brandon P
    North Carolina

    I’m curious with the new Fastback 1.5. All the specs are the same as the Special Select except the offset is full shaft rather than 3/4 like the special select. Anyone know how much of a difference that is?

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