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By Steve H

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  1. Steve H

    Steve H
    Innisfil, ON

    Hi members I was wondering what Cameron putter is the best to use i currently have a Newport 2 and was thinking of upgrading.

  2. Andrew A

    Andrew A
    Charlotte, NC

    There's no one putter that is best for all. It's all about you, your stroke, and confidence. Putters are personal.
    Personally, I prefer the Del Mar, game the California Model now, but also like the squareback 1.5 and laguna 1.5

    I like to have maximum toe flow as my stroke is more of an arcing stroke so a high tow flow works for me. If I were more of a staright back and forth or square to square putter, I would be gaming a Phantom series model as these are face balance and designed to have minimal toe flow to help keep the face square.

  3. Steve H

    Steve H
    Innisfil, ON

    Ok thanks Andrew ill have to check them out.
  4. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    Agree with Andrew. The best Scotty is the one you feel most comfortable using and the one that gives you the most confidence. I have five I have picked up over the last 20+ years so I occasionally "sit a starter" if my touch is off for several rounds but usually try to keep with one most of the time. I have a Del Mar and GoLo 3 in heal shafted mallet styles but the others are Newports. One is a 1.5 with the minimal neck offset but the other two are 2.0 models.
  5. Todd T

    Todd T
    San Diego, CA

    A putter fitting at Scotty's Gallery in Encinitas is the ultimate in putter fitting and well worth it.. But I think the first step is you own personal eye test and just roll a bunch at your local golf store!
  6. That is a loaded question. I think the older studio design 1 is the best...but it’s like hitting a blade. My favorites are the uneven blade putters a la Monterey or lagunas. It really depends how you swing the flagstick on what is best...many are going mallet now a days on tour so there may be something to it. Best of luck finding your new Scotty!
  7. Bought a Del Mar 2 Mid Slant way back, just because I saw it at a good price, and after trying it a few rounds, can't forsee myself ever switching! Just can't wait to refinish it.

    You can read about putter technology and the ability to get the ball rolling quickly, and distribute weight in such a way, but I think you feel and hold a few, and whatever putter gives you the most confidence will far outperform the others.

    That said, there are some premium fitters that would love to work with you to find the "perfect" putter for you.
  8. Mike M

    Mike M
    Salem MA

    You should try putting with a mallet or a half mallet, and compare it with the blade putter you currently use. Scotty has a variety of mallets to choose from.Try putts of varying lengths with both and see which one feels right for you.I have 3 Scotty's, two are prototypes, one of which rarely sees the light of day. The other is a rare center shafted Newport 2, but my gamer is a center shafted GoLo "S".
  9. Completely agree with Andrew and Dale! They said it perfect!!!

    Cheers, Chris
  10. Love my Scotty! Won it at a scramble last summer! I don’t think I ever would have paid for one but my game has changed since last season! Dropping almost 10 shots off my handicap! Not all because of the putter, but my putts per hole has dropped under 2 per hole to about 1.6-1.8! Shaving shots little by little!
    Post Image
  11. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    WI's only Premier Fitter is also a Cameron Showcase Partner that uses Science and Motion (SAM) fitting technology. I have both LH and RH SC putters (I can stroke them equally - well or bad) but I need to verify which one best matches my stroke. My Cameron & Crown (RH) mallet looks to be closest, but if the fitter directs me to a Phantom mallet, I'll follow that advice.

    If TPI is the Rolls Royce of club fitting, then the Studio is the Bentley of putter fitting. Do consider a Showcase Partner before investing $400+ (US) in a putter. There are a couple of shops listed in Buffalo and one in Detroit. Going to a retail store and hitting a few putts on indoor carpeting is closer to the Yugo of club selection. That you adjusted to the putter for a dropping a few doesn't mean it will be your best option on course.

    Happy hunting!
  12. Terry E

    Terry E
    Clinton Township, MI

    Agree with Andrew and Dale really comes to what feels right to you. I just upgraded my Newport to the Squareback.
  13. Agree with others on here. Go with whatever is working. I have a Phantom X 5.5, and a Newport 2. I have been going back and forth all summer. I was convinced a couple weeks ago that the Newport was going to be a permanent fixture, and then I lost a match this week, and hit 12 greens, and had 37 putts. I still can't believe it when I go back over my game. Every time I made a good approach to 15ft or less, I missed the putt. Usually, the best part of my game. I had trouble getting the speed of the greens. Hence, the blade is benched, and the Phantom is back it. Today, I only hit 4 greens, but only had 28 putts, made 3 over 20 ft. Really helps the score.
  14. Steve,
    Do yourself a favour and take the guesswork out of finding the right putter - get fitted!!

    My perfect putter is a Special Select Flowback 5.5 - Love it to bits!
  15. Joey L

    Joey L
    Foster City

    I like what I have.. Studio Design 1.5 and a Circa 62 Circle T Tour Protype.
    Post Image
    Post Image
    Post Image
  16. Andrew A

    Andrew A
    Charlotte, NC

    Man, that is PRETTY!!
  17. Tosh.


    I’m trying to find a good circa 62.........but I’m finding there rarer than my birdies.
  18. Rooster

    West Wareham, MA

    I have used the 1998 Santa Fe as my go to putter. I have also used 1996 Caliente Bolero, 1996 Caliente grand, 2000 Del Mar Two long slant, and 2016 Select Newport. Keep going back to Santa Fe. Think because neck and one piece provide such good feel for me. I just picked up a 2020 Special Select Newport 2.5 putter. I have played 2 rounds so far and I think I have found what I was searching for. The neck is similar to Santa Fe. It is also one piece milled. It has the 2 sole weights that now provide me with the face stabilization I was needing. To me the putter is the most personal club in bag. Certainly the club you will use the most. I suggest if you can a putter fitting now that there even such a thing. At the very least look for a store that has the complete line of Scotty putters. Go there, take your time and try them out. Just like the wand picks the wizard in Harry Potter. A Scotty putter picks the golfer. :)

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