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  1. I just got the new special select Newport 2. If I go to a lighter grip do I need to change the weight to the putter head? My searches have found the dancing studio design grip Rickie Fowler uses is approximately 60 grams. My 34 Newport 2 has 30 gram weights. Do I need to change them to 40 gram weights or just leave it and see how the weight feels after?

  2. Yes, if you go with lighter grip choice(s) then you will need to add weight to sole in order to maintain a similar or same swing weight as it is now. However, you may wish to experiment with various weights by purchasing a weight kit on

    I have found that almost everyone prefers a different swing weight varying by speed of greens, physical size of player (larger players may prefer a heavier swing weight, etc...)

    Good Luck and Have fun with the process!
  3. larry m

    larry m
    columbiana, OH

    If you go to a lighter grip your probably gonna have to go to lighter weights. A lighter grip is gonna add weight to the head. All personal preference
  4. Opinions please, I have a Select Newport 2.5 2018 recently purchased. It was 35" when normally use 34". Price was good. Cut to 34". Inch of cut shaft weighs 4g, And grip change. So 35" has standard 10g and 34" has 15g head weights. So correct weights ordered.
    Query comes if I removed the scotty grip weighing 95g and put on superstroke 2.0 weighing 51g. Obviously there would be quite a swingweight change. So in order to try and retain the overall dead weight of the original factory 34" due to putting on a grip some 45g lighter. Would it be correct to add countercore weight to superstroke grip?
  5. You do not realy need to do anything. I see that you are thinking in terms of Swingweight. Swingweight does not apply to putters. Only Mass and centre of Gravity does. The higher the center of gravity is located, the less the club face will open and close during the putting stroke. If you want the putter face to open and close less, add a backweight or change to a heavier grip.
  6. So by meaning a back weight you are meaning add weight to top end of shaft? In this case add counter core weight to Superstroke grip. It’s really a matter of experimenting and find what best I am suited to. See how it goes but thanks for reply.
  7. Yes, by backweight I mean adding weight to the grip end of the club. You can experiment with different weights to see which deliver a square clubface. You can get backweights from 6 to 100 grams in steps of two grams at
  8. Thats correct, if you add weight to the butt end of the club then you will lighten the swing weight of the putter...conversely if you take away weight you will increase the swing weight....however the static weight of the putter is affected obviously and may need to be considered if you are adding or taking away significant weight. Thats a little where Scotty was going with the dual balance putters by adding significant weight...

    Just some random thoughts, Chris

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