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By Tosh.

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  1. Tosh.


    I’m away to get a new grip fitted on my scotty it’s 33” long but I would like to try it at 34” would adding an extension piece in mess around with the balance any? Cheers in advance.

  2. Deno

    Hawthorne, NJ

    I doubt you would notice the difference.
  3. Tosh.


    Deno said:

    I doubt you would notice the difference.

    Cheers I didn’t think it would make much if any difference
  4. Theoretically it will make the head feel slightly heavier, but if you can feel it you're a much more sensitive man than I am!

    I just experimented with changing the grip on my Scotty Dual Weight Futura X and couldn't feel the theoretical difference.

    Good luck!
  5. TFisher

    Cardiff, Wales

    If you look on the Scotty web site a 33'' putter has 2 X 20 gram weights, a 34'' putter has 2 X 15 gram weights to keep the putter balanced, this is for the putter I bought just before Xmas the futura 5s, I think the grips are different weights to with the large matador being lightest ( more foam inside), might be worth reading the info on the site to guide you in the right direction
  6. Joshua B

    Joshua B

    Just food for thought....where do you grip the putter...if it isn't at the butt of the grip it shouldn't matter. Most people choke down which most likely wouldn't affect your swing balance.
  7. Richard P

    Richard P
    Lorraine, QC

    I would suggest to change shaft instead of extention. Also the weights on 34 inch should be at 15 gr.
    If you do not like it you could reinstall your 33 inch.
    The important thing,imo, is to have control on lagging put. If you have the good speed, you will avoid 3 putts.
    The lenght is to place the golfer in good position in relation to where the eyes are when addressing the ball.
    But the best thing to do for you first is to try 34 inch putter in golf store. You will feel it.

  8. Tosh.


    Cheers lads I left it as it was 33”.
  9. Think that's a good choice leaving it shorter. We all tend to have longer putters than we should. If you find a nice used 34", should try that? Cheers
  10. larry m

    larry m
    columbiana, OH

    You may find head weight a little heavier

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