New Select Fastback 2 and Squareback 1.5 Putters

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By The Dom

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  1. The Dom

    The Dom
    San Diego, CA

    Just wanted to see what everyone is thinking of these two new versions! I am extremely excited, especially for the Fastback 2. I am a big fan of the plumbers neck and wish Scotty would also make a Squareback version with a plumbers neck that isn't a tour model or limited release.

    Can't wait to try both!


  2. Chris92009

    Cincinnati, Ohio

    They look great...always nice to have different variety of necks on putters for various toe flow. Everyone should pick up one of these since you never know when at some point in the future you may prefer the feel!
  3. Unfortunately again no lh versions. Other companies offer much more lh versions
  4. Dr. Kovatchian

    Dr. Kovatchian

    Thinking about jumping on the Fastback 2.
    The made for Tour Only model in the Cameron Shop is INSANE!!!
    The Version to be released to the consumer should be exactly the same just minus a few markings.

    Pure Awesomeness!!!

    Dr. K

  5. The Dom

    The Dom
    San Diego, CA

    That's what i'm thinking, should be similar to the tour models. Looking forward to giving it a try today!

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