Bullseye putter

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By jbumgarmer

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  1. Recently I acquired a Bullseye putter. It's approximately 331/2 inches from top of grip to bottom of the blade. Original leather wrap grip, fluted shaft with very few dings. On the bottom of the head, reading from heel to toe is LH-FLM 5 S, JOHN REUTER JR., MADE IN U.S.A., Acushnet, a Registered profile of a bulls eye and a BULLS EYE logo with two concentric circles, BULL on the top and Eye below along with another R for Registered. I presume it to be lefthanded given the LH and a slight offset to the left when viewing from the heel. It appears to be all brass and is at least 50 years old or older. 1. What is it? 2. When could it have been manufactured? 3. Is it at all rare? and, 4. What might be the value range?

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