Shocked and unhappy Scotty fan....

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By Peter L

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  1. Peter L

    Peter L
    Steubenville, OH

    I recently sent a Cameron Studio Select Newport 2.6 into Scotty’s Custom Shop to get some stamps and a sight line added to it. I filled out the order form and paid for the services with a credit card. My card was charged and I was emailed instructions to send the putter to California for the services to be completed. I was SOOOOOOOOOO excited to have my putter be touched by the “messsiah” of putters and eagerly tracked the putter as it made its way across the country. You see, I’m from Ohio and we don’t have many options in my area to send clubs to for customization. The club made it safely to the shop in San Marcos Ca and I couldn’t wait to get it back all jazzed up! Instead I received a phone call from one of the shop staff members informing me that the work I chose to get done couldn’t be completed until my putter was welded and completely restored to cover up the stamping that was already on the club when I bought it. I was destroyed to say the least. The restoration process costs upwards of +$350. Not only can I not see spending that kind of money on a putter that was only worth $200-$300, but I do a little club work on the side and I know what it would take to weld and buff the few little spots that needed covered up and $350 is way over charging for that amount of work. I understand that Scotty is a perfectionist and wants every item that leaves his shop to be flawless but as a paying customer, the business should do as the customer wants(within their capabilities and the law)regardless of their pretentious beliefs. Now the shop did refund my account $68 of the $110 that I was charged,but still charged me $37 to send my putter back. Not to mention the $20 it cost me to ship it to Scotty’s shop in Ca. If you’re counting, that’s a grand total of $60 to have my putter take a little trip around the country. I couldn’t be more disappointed and sad to see firsthand that this is how that shop conducts their business. I have spent countless dollars in my lifetime on many products the Acushnet brand has to offer and have NEVER been disappointed in a single one of them! In fact I love every piece I still have, but if a customer is content with the look of the club and just wants some additions to it, then personally, I feel that it’s not unreasonable for he/she should be granted their wishes. I expected more from such a reputable company.

    P.S.- this is what $37 gets you when your putter is packed up and shipped back from Scotty’s Custom Shop

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