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By RKelly

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  1. Hi,

    Looking for some advise.

    I was recently fitted for a 33.5" putter but instead of buying one new I was going to take half an inch off my fastback.

    Will I need to put in 20g weights in the heel/toe instead of the 15g ones that came with it?



  2. I don't know that the weights matter as much. I've used putters with the same weights at 33, 34, 35 inches and haven't noticed a huge difference. Ultimately it's a comfort level for you. If it's a situation where there's no cost savings to getting the weights along with the cutting, then hold off and see if it still works for you. If there is a cost benefit, then it's something you might have to weigh a bit more. Hope this helps.
  3. Thanks, I’ve got it cut and I’m just using the 15g that came with it. I ordered a set of 20g from eBay. Gonna throw them in and see. If they’re a benefit I’ll look for original Scotty weights just because.

    Thanks again.
  4. I have some bronze jj weights 30g that would look great in the fast back.
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  5. I have some bronze jj weights that would be perfect for your fast back 30g barely used.
  6. Be careful with 3rd party weights. I've seen 15g weights that actually weigh 9g, etc... I ordered my weights direct from Scotty, but low and behold, even the official weights aren't exact! In fact, 20g weights are actually 18g.

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