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By Andrew K

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  1. I'm finally looking to upgrade my putter and have always wanted a Scotty Cameron and now I have the chance to get one.

    My question is how many went and were properly fitted? Or did you just try them in the store and pick the one that felt best for you? So far I have went to two different golf shops and one was $100 and the other was $30 for the fitting. It looks like the Thursday fittings do not include the putters.

    Thanks in advance.

    Andrew K

  2. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    A good fitter will have the tools to help align you correctly for setup including how your dominant eye affects direction, determine the correct length, and fit you to a model toe weighting that matches your swing path. I always thought at 5'10" that an average length (34") putter was correct. Actually, a 33 works better. At the other end, you see pro's trying "everything" (until/unless they go to the Cameron studio). I learned a lot at my fitting. Going to a fitting does involve the willingness to adjust, just like you might have to, to optimize an iron fitting.
  3. I got fit at a titleist fitting centre for the putter too. Settled on a new fastback.

    I was tired of moving between putters for the last few years so delighted to have settled on one thats properly fitted for me.
  4. Never been fit for a putter, but going this week so I can upgrade my 2008 Newport 2 for a 2018 Custom Shop.

    If you get fit, definitely do it with someone that has a SAM or the other machine (can’t think of the name).
  5. Andrew, I just got fitted for my Scotty. My 1st time being fit for a putter. I figured if I was spending that kind of money for one, I should get fitted. I spent $100 for mine and they applied $50 towards the putter. They used the SAM machine and other tools in which I learned a lot about my stroke. I had an open mind of which putter would work best for me. Used blades before and ended getting the Futura 5.5M. Not what I expected but Wow, this putter feels awesome in my hands and so confident with it. Hopefully it will pay off. Good luck on your choice.
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  6. Anyone familiar with a full service Scotty fitter in the Boston area?

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