By Michael O

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  1. Please could someone confirm the head weight of Scott's Cameron X7m and if it would be suitable for a 19 handicapper?

  2. wormburner



    It just so happens that I've been looking at this putter also. I think, but not positive that the normal weight that it comes with (in stores) are 10 or 15 gram weights. I prefer heavier weights.
    The best way is to find a Scotty Cameron store that has all design weights and then test it out. Its a heavy investment so getting fitted to me is very important.

    Good luck, I hope you find a great putter and I hope to find my type soon also.
  3. Thanks Mark.
  4. Robert C

    Robert C

    I'm not sure of the actual had weight, mine has the two 10g weights in it.

    Oh and it is perfectly suitable for a 19 HC. I'm a 19.3, and I should mention I was a 26 when I put this in the bag. So that should tell you something. To be fair, the H1 816 are also responsible for the drop as well.
  5. Thanks Chris very interesting hope your handicap continues to tumble!
  6. Sorry meant Robert!
  7. The head weight is heavier than standard even with the 10 grams weights in a 35" model. I have not weighed the head exactly however the swingweight is higher than normal which indicates a heavier head.

    I would say it is perfect for a high handicap player.
  8. Thanks Chris very helpful.
  9. Steve N

    Steve N
    Chapin, SC

    I own an X7M and researched it before buying. I can tell you that the "standard" weights in the X7M are based on length. The 35" & 34" have different weights. My recommendation is to call the Scotty Cameron customer service number on their site.
  10. Hi Michael,

    The head weights for the X7 lines are:
    33" - 370 grams
    34" - 360 grams
    35" - 350 grams

    Hope this helps
  11. Thanks Chris T very helpful.
  12. Tom P

    Tom P
    Park City, UT

    The X7M head without weights weights 335g.

    I game mine at 34" with 10g weights, weights the same as my Kombi S with a 355 sole plate
  13. Robert B

    Robert B
    Gatineau, Qc

    I am wondering where is located the extra 50 gr in the head of the X7M Dual it possible to remove that extra 50gr if I want to cut it from 38 inches to 34 inches?

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