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  1. TIM


    I am 5'8" and buying a new Scotty Putter my old Newport 2 was 34" but almost feel like I should use 33" is there a chart you go by to fit people for putters?

  2. B.A.

    Los Gatos, CA

    I think it's more what feels comfortable for you, but I also am 5'8" and my putter is 33" and feels right. I grip at the bottom of the grip.. a taller putter would drive me nuts.
  3. Andrew A

    Andrew A
    Charlotte, NC

    Honestly, it's a matter of comfort and feel. You can go to get a putter fitting done but I like the feel of my arms "hanging loosely" and not stiffled by the length of the putter. I also do not like to choke down on my putter so I use a 34.25" putter and am 6'2"
  4. It's up to you. I'm 6'1 and use a 34 and maybe choke down a quarter inch. It's all a feel thing for yourself
  5. BR

    Dundalk, Louth

    When it comes to putting its all about how it feels imho
  6. Christian J

    Christian J

    Putting is all about feel but the best way to measure is by hanging your arms by your side and measuring the distance to the floor. You want to be comfortable over a putt. I'm 6'5" so a 33" shaft hurts my back to bend over. I got mine extended to 36.5" so I can stand up straighter and feel comfortable over the ball. Ultimately it is whatever helps you make the most putts.
  7. Bomber3

    Lake St Louis, MO

    I'm also 5'8" and I game a 34" putter. It works perfectly for me with my set-up. If you feel like you would be better off using a 33", then maybe before you go out and buy one (or mod your existing one) you should try choking down and inch and see what kind of results you get (extended practice and maybe even a round or two). If the results are positive, then pull the trigger on getting a new putter or modifying your existing one.
  8. zachcolburn

    Byron Center, Michigan

    I had a teacher that told me once that the shorter the putter the better. The more extended your arms are makes it easier to take any wrist movement out of your stroke. I am around 6' and my putter is 33 1/2", but it is all a matter of personal preference.
  9. Putter length is a tricky area since your height alone is not enough data to truly make an assessment since your arms might be extra long or short. As well as, if you are upright or more bent over for your putting stance...

    That being said, I would go to a store and demo a 33, 34 and 35 inch putter so you can make the determination which feels the best for you.

    You could also go to a Titleist Fitter for a putter fitting potentially...

    Just some random thoughts, Good Luck!
  10. Brandon A

    Brandon A
    Port Huron, MI

    You can get fitted but I tell almost everyone I fit that putting is the most personal preference when it comes to fitting clubs. For instance I am 6'4" and use a SC X5 Dual Balance at 39" because it feels comfortable for my putting stroke (split grip). I have a friend who is 6'3 who uses a 34" SC just because it is comfortable for him. Test a bunch of different lengths and pick one that fits you.
  11. I'm 5'11 1/2 with a 6'3 wingspan and I like using a shorter putter. For me 32-33 inches with a heavier head and shaft works for me. My hands are closer to the ball with the shorter shaft and it's easier to control the speed of the ball once I putt it. It's helped me a lot this year especially with shorter putts. The heaver head, at least for me, helps with longer distance putts and helps my wrists stay quiet through impact.
  12. JESUS D

    Dripping Springs, TX

    im 6' and use a 34" putter.
  13. Hi. I’m 6ft wrist to floor is 37.5 what length of putter would anyone recommend? With stores closed I can’t go into a shop and try so was looking to buy one online. Thanks

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