Hitting wedges with more backspin

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By MOrge

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  1. I know I know, I can already hear it. “This topic again?” I’ve worked hard every season and got my handicap down to a ten now. Expecting 5 this season or better.

    I hit my wedges with enough spin, 60,56,52 all spin 8000+ rpm. But not too much over 9000. Dynamic loft for example with the 56 would be 35-40 and carry 90-100 yards.

    Being a better player I’d like to have a higher spinning wedge shot in my arsenal.

    What do other players do to hit high spin wedge shots? YouTube is NO help. Just entry level basic lessons. No help at all. It shouldn’t be too much work to get a 60 lob wedge carrying 85 yards to get in the 11,000 range. Should it?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. MOrge,

    I would say that you have some high expectations to create 11K spin! Rare air for most mortals. I know that spin can get north of 13K, but I have tested many major champions and 11K can be rather elusive at times. 11K would be an elite TOUR level of spin from typically the 70+yd range (on rare occasions less distance is required). Most single digit handicap players would not have that ability due to a multitude of reasons. Primarily, the technique required. To create the proper spin loft you would need an abundance of shaft lean and shallow attack angle. Furthermore, it is paramount that you use "fresh" wedges with a premium ball (ProV1 or ProV1x). A fresh wedge in my opinion is less than 1K in face strikes. Again, the spin formula: New wedge + ProV + TOUR technique = spin optimization. For a more complete understanding of spin it would be useful to think of spin as a ratio of RPM/YD with highest spin ratio found on shorter shots. That ratio would change depending upon the carry distances.

    Good luck!

  3. Layne, really good advice. Any idea on what we should look for in the RPM/Yards ratio?
  4. I play to a 6 and play with guys close to scratch. Ive yet to see any of them do anything close spin wise compared to pro level guys. Not saying it dont happen, I just feel its rare to move the ball back like pros do.
  5. Rick D

    Rick D
    Weston, WI

    It's hard to control spin and be consistent, so then you've got the ball ending up in a different place each time, even though you've flown it the same distance, depending on how much spin you've generated. Why would you focus on trying to create something you can't duplicate on a consistent basis?

    Spin isn't just a swing component, but also shaft/head/swing variables.

    My last fitting, the fitter told me one of his goals was to get me to be able to hit an iron into a green, have it hop and stop. I can determine distance and shoot for that distance better than hoping it spins enough, and not too much. I'm pretty darned happy being able to fire at the flag, knowing if I hit it well it's right there. Does that make sense?
  6. If you’re looking to optimize spin, you’ll need to work on technique with feedback as you implement changes. You’ll also need to learn how your lie affects how much spin you can impart upon the ball. There are tons of tutorials, but I recommend practicing on a quality launch monitor while learning. You will get instant numbers on you AOA, dynamic loft, etc.
  7. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Take a look at the divots these guys are making with those shots when they put the spin on the ball. The down force and follow through on the ball has to be something else. You could plant a field of potatoes with some of those divots. Something like putting backspin on a cue ball I guess. I could always do that in my younger days, but spin a golf ball, I wish. I am a picker, so I rely on pitch and run, chip, or just aiming it at the target and hoping I guessed the right distance. Guess I will never be a scratch golfer. At 72 I am happy and enjoying this crazy game. If I hit my ball high it normally sits down and rolls maybe a foot or so. Good luck with the spin, hope it works out. I try to stay away from all those numbers, even though I know where I stand when I do my fittings, and I work on tempo and direction, at least that is what my golf coach says to do. Guess I will find out where my ball is going on Friday morning when I warm up before my round. With respect.
  8. Richard A

    Richard A
    St Neots, Cambs

    I remember Peter Alliss be asked once on how do I get backspin his answer was “depends where your ball lands on the green no good having backspin if you land short of the flag.”
  9. J.C.


    Just as many have already stated. Wedge shots that spin look cool but way to many variables come into play to be consistent enough to hit it on command. Tour pros practice countless how with wedges and have new wedges and fresh grooves when ever they want.

    If you are adamant at having high spin shots you could look at changing your wedge shaft.

    I used to play the standard wedge flex shaft that comes with the Vokeys but struggles with distance control because what the ball would do on the green was unpredictable. I went and got fit and ended up in the KBS 610 wedges which lower the ball flight and lower the spin. Now when I hit a GIR, my pitch mark and ball are about 1 yard from each other. So it is easier to go at pins knowing my ball will be in that general vicinity. I remember one time vividly before the shaft change. I hit a shot on a par 3, the pitch mark was 6inches from the hole and the ball spun back 30ft.....
  10. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    I have never been able to grasp the concept of spin on the golf ball. I am a picker and do not actually hit down on the ball to create the spin needed to make the ball spin on the green. As a much younger person shot a lot of straight pool and nine ball and could really move a cue ball with ease. Could really create spin, but could never move that to a golf ball. Do not know if that is good or bad. Maybe if I slowed my swing it might eventually happen.
  11. Joe M

    Joe M
    Fire Lieutenant (Ret)

    Mike Bender on Instagram
  12. Just have the confidence to hit the back of the ball and then a divot and the result will be backspin
    You then need to dial in your distance

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