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By Roger K

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  1. Hey TT,

    Playing in my first golf tournament in a few weeks and looking forward to it. My playing partner used to play competitively, so for her this will get the juices flowing. For me, I'm just looking forward to getting the experience.

    But made me think about tapping into the wisdom of this community to ask: if you could go back and impart suggestions to yourself before your first tournament, what would that be?

    It's the Washington State Mixed Chapman Championship (i.e., teams of one gal, one guy, and following the Chapman format). So any suggestions for the Chapman format would be appreciated too.

    Thanks in advance, Roger

  2. Hotsauce

    Georgetown MA

    The only advice I would give you is have fun and don't take it too seriously. Try to stay within yourself, and listen to your gut.
    Chapman is a fun format and if your partner has tournament playing experience, lean on her if things go south.
    Good luck Roger.
  3. Unfortunately, playing partner tweaked her back And needs to take a couple weeks off, so first tournament experience will have to wait. All part of the learning experience.

    Play well,
  4. Darron K

    Darron K
    Fate, TX

    Sorry to hear about your partner. When the time does within yourself and one word. Relax.

    Mississippi Gulf Coast

    The worst thing you can do is modify any routine you have the day of any official round. We've all heard professional athletes describe playing a "big" game as if it were any other game. That advise is perfect for golf too. If you normally skip the range and only chip or putt prior to a Saturday round with your golf buddies than do that the day of your tournament round. If you take your mind out of your normal routine you haven't given yourself a very good chance. I've had luck with this recently and I hate to thing how many times I psyched myself out prior to College tournaments.
  6. Darryl M

    Darryl M
    Wichita, KS

    A 150 yard shot is still 150 yard shot no matter if a tournament or practice round or for fun.

    Always play your game, this way you know what you're able to do with each shot and you'll stay relaxed as the round progresses. If you modify your game to try and match someone else's game you can get out of sync with your swing, get the nerves running high & make more mistakes.

  7. Chris K

    Chris K
    Buffalo, NY

    Just played in my first competitive tournament yesterday; State Mid-Am sectional qualifying. I'd say a good preparation is playing any rounds leading up to the event exactly as you would in the tournament to get fully accustomed to all of the structure. No matter what you do you'll feel some nerves on the first hole, but just embrace them. At the end of the day it's just another round of golf.

    Also, don't go into the round with any expectations or having a number in your head that you need to shoot. I was thinking 75 would be needed to qualify, but with 25mph winds the number ended up being 85 to make it through. Take it a shot at a time and enjoy yourself
  8. Steve L

    Steve L
    Framingham, MA

    For me, I try to stay true to my routine, never try to pull of a low percentage shot, and be very mindful of where the best miss would be. short siding yourself tends to add stress and strokes, and bad judgement mistakes haunt me.
  9. Deno

    Hawthorne, NJ

    Taking notes during a practice round is a valuable asset to playing a golf tournament. Probably the most difficult part is knowing the best locations on the green to play your second shot. The flag may be your least likely target.

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