Practice 'Rite'!

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By skip g

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  1. skip g

    skip g
    Southborough, MA

    Practice ‘Rite’

    In preparation to play in a charity Pro-Am, I thought about how I could optimize my practice regimen. The venue is different than most of the courses I regularly play….near the ocean…flatter typography….breezing…hard turf….similar to courses on the east coast of Florida.

    These conditions call for more focus on lowering the trajectory on most golf shots. Taking more club….flighting my Pro V1x lower….softer & quieter hands….less spin. Control is key!

    From this analysis, I have now designed a practice plan that will help me prepare for this fun event! I have begun practicing more knock-down shots (ex- flighting a 5-iron with a lower trajectory, traveling only 150yds, rather than a typical, high-flying shot of 185yds). More time will be spent on green-side wedge play, chipping, as well as bunker play.

    In order to have success….one must prepare properly AND believe in oneself. My preparation has been slightly altered, due to the upcoming course conditions, and is going well. I also BELIEVE in what I am doing, along with my ability to handle and adjust to windy and hard-turf conditions. I look forward to enjoying success in the upcoming Pro-Am!

    Always remember: think about where you are headed, and what you need to do to properly prepare yourself for the journey ahead!

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