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By Hari S.

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  1. Hari S.

    Hari S.
    Medicine Hat,

    For all of us Canadian and Northern US golfers, how many of you worked on your fitness during the offseason? I did and it paid off in another way. At work one day, I took a nasty spill on some ice and feet went straight up and I fell flat on my back. I got up and walked away without any problems. I really believe the back strengthening exercises I have been doing saved me on this one. I have been diligently working on flexibility and strenghtening. can't wait to see the results on the course. One book I have been using is "Golf Anatomy" by Craig Davies

  2. Kathy J

    Kathy J
    Portland, OR

    I have been Yoga for Golfers!
  3. Elson C

    Elson C

    Glad you are not hurt, I have been concentrating on getting my back and hip better, a herniated disc has been plaguing me with back pain for years now.
    But at the physiotherapist recommendation, I got an inversion table a few weeks ago and it has been life-changing.
    I was down to the point that it would take all of my energy to get out of bed, and my lower back would hurt like hell as well as the burning sensation on my right leg. I could not stand for more than a few minutes due to excruciating pain.
    Within the first two sessions, I was already feeling much better.
    I still have pain, but t is so much less and manageable compared with I had before.
    I have not taken a pain pill in over a month, and despite being sore at times, I feel like a million bucks now, much more energy and absolutely much happier.
    I am starting to work on stretching and light yoga, so I can get some strength in my core. and lower back.
    getting ready for the best golf season of my life
  4. Hari S.

    Hari S.
    Medicine Hat,

    I hope you have the best season yet.
    Thanks for the reply.
    Wishing you the best
  5. I had terrible back pain after a heavy range session or even 18 holes sometimes.

    I have TPI screen soon so I should have a program tailored to my swing and with another eye on my back problems.

    I'm also attending pilates classes which really helps.
  6. Rob_Roth1

    San Diego, CA

    I am a big fan of working out and golf. I think working out should not only be golf specific. I follow a guy called Don Saladino as be trains a bunch of celebrities and Morgan Hoffman. You can trainer with him on an app called playbook. Check him out you will be pleased for not only golf but overall well being
  7. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    I have a TPI certified instructor that I started with about a year ago. Quality of both life and game have improved. I suppose one metric is snow shoveling- didn’t suffer any strains this year.
  8. I worked on core strength, back, and legs and trained with a speed whoosh as well as some golf yoga. So far I’ve noticed increased distances in my range sessions, about ten yards a club. All just in time for my new iron fitting that I’ve saved for two years to get. Now I’m Anxiously awaiting my AP2’s to arrive!!!
  9. Darryl M

    Darryl M
    Wichita, KS

    I workout out 5 days a week,(no weekends) doing different parts of the body each day, but I do core 3 times a week so my back & rotation is good & solid for my golf swing. It started with a shoulder injury then a knee injury back in 2013.

    I can tell the difference since I started in 2013 I stand at address with less effort because of the strength I have now in my core & legs. I rotate easier & I feel lighter actually. Lol

    Wished I had TPI instructor nearby I would like to see what other things I could do to enhance my workouts.

    Hari keep up the good work and stay healthy
  10. John M

    John M
    Clayton, CA

    Besides playing golf, I am also a climber and a runner. In the winter, I climb indoors and besides being a lot of fun, its a great strength and cardio workout. I've noticed that it has helped to improve my focus as well. Also, my finger strength has improved to the point where I can grip the club less tightly than I used to without fear of losing my grip of the club. For obvious reasons, the running is great for overall fitness and helps resist the temptation to ride in a cart and to walk whenever possible. But, whatever you do, its great that you're getting some exercise in the winter. Good luck this season!

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