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By msalejandro1201

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  1. msalejandro1201

    Hampton, VA

    Going to get PRK/LASIK the end of this month. Fellow TeamTitleist players, what sunglasses do you recommend? Have any of you had the procedure done and swear by certain sunglasses afterwards? Want to take good care of my eyes so I won't need the operation again after 10yrs. I am currently using Oakley g30 lenses, specific for golf. I worry that they might not actually provide protection but may intensify the light, which may not be good considering the operation. Anyhow, any suggestions are much appreciated, especially from those with experience specific to the question. Thanks in advance!

  2. harry h

    harry h
    Lasvegas, NV

    Four yrs ago when I had my eyes done she recommended dark and polarized. I have both Oakley and Mia Jim both are excellent. Buy better not bargain is what she also told me
  3. Stephen M

    Stephen M
    Charlotte, NC

    I bought the Costa Del Mar 580P Harpoon polarized sunglasses with the copper lens after my surgery. Great clarity while providing protection for my eyes.
  4. Steve L

    Steve L
    Framingham, MA

    As an optician and owner of an eyeglass shop I can tell you there is no right answer. Many brands such as Maui Jim, Vuarnet, Costa, Oakley, Reptile etc have great products. Options such as color or polarized are personal preferences. You may as well ask someone where is the best pizza. Everyones eyes and their perception to light, color, contrast is different. It's best if you try them for yourself to decide. I personally own dozens from most well know companies and use different sunglasses for different lighting conditions. For what it's worth, my current favorite all around lens is the Costa 580G copper.
  5. msalejandro1201

    Hampton, VA

    Unfortunately for me Steve, I don't have the luxury (read $) of buying a bunch of different pairs of sunglasses to try them out on course to see which ones are the best. Being that you own a store and are an optician, regardless of style, wouldn't you have a minimum amount of uv/light cut that the lenses must have to provide ample protection for post surgery?

    I get what you're saying, it's like tint for cars. Looks are up to you, but there is a legal law for the max tiny percentage and there is a minimum tiny percentage required for it to be effective in lowering car temperatures and cutting sunlight.
  6. msalejandro1201

    Hampton, VA

    I'm going to look up those brands when I get the chance. Thanks for all the replies so far. Keep'em coming.
  7. I have Rudy Project sunglasses with the specific golf lens, they're fantastic.
  8. Matty E

    Matty E
    Joshua, TX

    I used to have to same problem, as I also wore the g30 lenses. Go check oakleys baseball specific lenses. They're better for sunny conditions than the g30's, but still provide the same extra contrast for the green grass on the course. If you do some researching, you'll see that many of the pros sponsored by Oakley will use those baseball specific lenses for the sunnier places they play. I think they work great as well.
  9. BK

    Williston, VT

    Please just make sure you get screened correctly and that you're actually a good candidate for LASIK before you get it done. That's so much more important than the sunglasses after the surgery!

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