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By Jim A

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  1. Hi guys, was wondering if anyone had any drills/tips that might help. I am currently (I say currently but this shot has plagued me for a couple of years) struggling with a shot that starts about 30 - 45 degrees left of target and continues with a flat hook. I can do this with everything from Driver right through the whole set. For example I can easily hit my seven iron 50 yards left of target. Oh how can I forget the occasional shank thrown in.

    I went for a lesson with the local pro and from trackman he could see that my swing path is straight but the face is closed at impact and is de-lofted.

    I feel this all started when I went for a lesson in the 2015 season and the pro told me to feel that I was hitting in to out by placing a training stick in the ground outside the follow through line and trying to swing to the right of it.

    Anyone any ideas, drills, tips etc that could help before my clubs meet an unpleasant end at the bottom of the river that borders our course.

    Many thanks in anticipation


  2. Dino J

    Dino J
    Burnaby, BC

    Hi Jim,

    Good to see that you have already seen an instructor and have had some time with the Trackman.

    Your situation will be caused by an excessively closed club face at impact ... your swing path (inside to out) is typical for hitting a draw shot, but the face at impact only needs to be close to the swing path by as little as 2-3 degrees.

    In order to get the big hook that you are experiencing means that your club face is closed in excessive of this.

    The problem is what is causing you to have such a closed club face at impact? It could be excessive use of your wrists at impact, closing the club face excessively just prior to the moment of impact, it could be your grip and set up contributing to it as well.

    So armed with that knowledge, you may wish to visit your instructor again and work on that particular problem. It is so very hard to diagnose your situation without being able to see your swing, etc.

    With your pro or perhaps a different instructor if you feel more comfortable, you should be able to revisit some basics - set up, grip, takeaway and perhaps your transition to the downswing as you set yourself up for impact and follow through. It could just be a simple drill like learning to keep your wrists from being overactive through the swing. Lots of little considerations that a good teaching pro should help you sort through and find some good drills.
  3. Sorry for the delay in replying but just just back from my holidays. Thank you all for the advice, just booked another lesson with a more experienced professional, so fingers crossed.

    I think Carl T and I are living parallel lives as I did this the other day although not into a lake but into thick Scottish gorse. I feel it's a catch 22 as the more it happens the more tense I get.

    Again thanks for all your help guys.


  4. Barry B

    Barry B
    Lake St Louis, MO

    So the pro who put you on trackman during your last lesson wasn't able to give you any advice, suggestions, tips or drills to help you out...I'm surprised.

    If your swing path is straight and the club face is closed, to me it sounds like you are rotating your hands during the swing (but I'm not a teaching professional). Find a better pro and see what he/she says.
  5. Joe D

    Joe D
    Minooka, IL

    The best solution would be to see a PGA professional and have him/her check your swing.in the long run,the money spent on a lesson,will save headaches down the road.Not to mention correct your problem.
    I would start with simply maybe having a golf pro at the club or course you play check your grip.
    Good luck.
  6. Edward K

    Edward K
    Wesley Chapel, FL

    If your path is good, check your grip. Too strong with the left, or too weak with the right (assuming you are right handed).......
  7. Hi Jim - yes all the above are correct - your first port of call is to see a PGA Pro - i have yet to meet one is not more than helpful - and more importantly in 2 seconds they will put your right.

    In the short term I would look at your basic fundamentals 1: GRIP 2: ALIGNMENT 3:POSTURE.
    30 to 40 degrees off target is a lot - for me the Grip is the most important as it denotes how square the club strikes the ball at impact - crucial. A poor grip magnifies all other faults. In all the basic fundamentals the grip is the only fundamental that connects you to the club - so must be correct.
    Now the physics bit - a straight left arm at takeaway on your swing plane - and a straight right arm on your down swing will mean YOU WILL ALWAYS come into the hitting area flush creating the ideal arc - and with the correct grip the club will always be square.
    But see your pro
  8. Carl T

    Carl T
    Little Rock, AR

    I hit this shot you describe a few times in almost every round I play and when I do it feels like I am just holding on, trying to correct what I feel is going to be a bad shot and trying to guide the club to prevent exactly what eventually happens, a low hook. Yesterday on the last hole after a wonderful drive on a Par 5, I was close enough to the green to reach it with my 3W. I hit a low duck hook into the lake. My golf partner who is a scratch golfer told me to hit another shot and to just swing with a relaxed, easy smooth swing. This was an eye opener for me. Tension and tight muscles are a killer for the golf swing. My next shot was straight with a slight draw and although I did not reach the green I was just a few feet short. Lesson learned, swing relaxed and good things happen.

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