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  1. Amanda S

    Amanda S

    First off I want to say, I got to play my first 3 rounds with my new AP2's and absolutely love them. Here's my question. When I set up I believe that I am aiming directly at the flag. The. I hit my shot and goes completely straight but will end up roughly either 10 yards left or right of where I thought I was aiming. My eyes are good, I had lasik in the right eye and my left eye is good, but I feel like I pretty much still see mostly out of only my left eye and I am left-handed also. I'm not sure what other info I can give to maybe help out for advice, but if someone can help it'd be much appreciated.

  2. When you address the ball, it only takes a moment to pull the club to your hips and check your actual alignment.
  3. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Left eye dominant and LH golfer, you can accommodate to how you see by practicing with alignment sticks. I tend to aim for the center and hit off line to the right although straight. I'm getting better at lining up further left (in my mind). I did switch to RH putting as I see a putting line easier with the left eye dominance. Not that you should - 2 left eye dominant pros are named Tiger and Phil and they put from opposite sides.
  4. Ned

    Emporia, VA

    I sometimes have the same issue. A great trick that works for me is: when standing behind the ball in your pre-shot routine, pick your target then line that target up with something on the ground much closer to the ball. It may be a clump of grass, an old divot, a broken tee, anything....Then line your feet up at address with the closer target. It works for me and hopefully will work for you.
  5. Great tip! I started doing this and my aim dramatically improved.
  6. You don't want to aim directly at the target, you need you stance parallel to your target line. Like this not this / the latter is a recipe for an over the top swing and that will be either a slice or way left of target
  7. Well in your case line up like this not this / did not notice you were left handed
  8. Amanda S

    Amanda S

    Yes lefty indeed
  9. Maybe try going to the range line yourself up to a target then have an alignment tool close and put it where your feet are to see if you are in fact lining where you think you are. That would be the best thing I would recommend without paying someone to tell you that.
  10. Amanda, one thing to keep in mind is that the most important factor that influences the starting direction of the golf ball is face angle. The ball will launch very closely to the direction that the face is pointed at impact. So, even if your feet, hips and shoulders are all aligned left, if the clubface is pointed right of target, your shot will start right.

    So, I'd first make sure on all shots that you have the leading edge of your club aligned perpendicular to your target line. Once you're confident that your club is squarely aligned (and using intermediate targets like Ned suggested is really helpful), build your stance out from there, feeling parallel to your target line.

    Good luck!

  11. Amanda S

    Amanda S

    Thanks for all the helpful tips - I'll see what I can do at the range this weekend and work on it.
  12. Amanda S

    Amanda S

    I did watch a couple of videos on YouTube that helped me understand what everyone here was saying. I think I understand now and will definitely work on it. Thanks.

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