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By wormburner

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  1. wormburner


    Hey Team,

    Just curious on how you all are adjusting the metals. Do you all go back to square one (A1) or do you just tinker by moving it one at a time. Up one, move it back to original and then 1 down or around the chart one at a time.

    Or all you all leaving it at the setting that you were fit for and have never ever touched it since.

    Just trying to get max performance without guessing too much prior to going on the course.

    Any advice will help.


  2. Rick F

    Rick F
    Crown Point, IN

    Hi Mark,

    When I first bought my 913 driver I adjusted it a lot and as I added my fairway and hybrids to the mix it became pretty frustrating for me trying to fix my 'ball flight of the day'. However, I eventually went back to my original settings from my fitting and started to watch for longer term patterns to emerge and not reacting to one round or range session.

    Two years ago I decided to get a little more serious about my swing. As my swing has evolved through lessons and range time my settings evolved as well. I've always been a high ball hitter and that hasn't really changed but over the last two seasons my settings have moved slowly from more draw to more fade. Being slower to make changes to the club settings has taken out one variable that was always in the back of my mind which has helped increase confidence in my swing and what I was doing to 'adjust' the club. The biggest thing I've realized through this process is that the club settings didn't fix my swing issues but they did give a little help to offset tendencies that occur with my less than perfect swing.

    Hope this helps,

  3. Edward K

    Edward K
    Wesley Chapel, FL

    I set at Standard, then evaluate my ball flight consistency. I never adjust too far from standard. If you have to do that, you have a flaw that will carry over to everything else...
  4. I pretty much stay with what I was fit with. Every now and then I will change to adjust the balls spin rate but that is really about all I mess with. The lie angle and weight I usually keep the same from my fitting.
  5. richbow9


    My pro set up my 915 based on the fitting session. When my new driver arrived he set it to D4, and I've never changed it

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