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By Mitchk2

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  1. Mitchk2

    Fresno, CA


    I recently played a very good round of golf for not playing in about a months time. I was only two over after 9 and I was actually able to record my FIRST EVER EAGLE! However, I fell apart on the back 9 and shot 12 over. This is not the first time that I've exploded on the back nine. Now, I am not a single digit handicap (I'm usually right around 12-14) but I take these good half rounds as what my potential could be. Do you guys have any advice as to how to maintain my rhythm and keep my play consistent? I would love to be a single digit handicap some day.

  2. First, congrats on the eagle! My best advice is treat every hole as a new round. It sounds easy but the focus of ones mind is powerful. Second thing, rely on muscle memory more sometimes rather than mental memory. Good Luck!
  3. Cavin Poh

    Cavin Poh

    Congrats on your first eagle! I'm in the same situation as well, i guess we may have to work on our mental game to hold it out and reduce as much mistakes as possible.
  4. In my experiences of falling apart on the back nine I found that it was because I was looking ahead. I would go out on the front and shoot even or so and get excited so I would lose focus of the hole I was playing and start thinking about that 72 on the scorecard at the end of the round. So my advice is to try your best to not think about your score at all, don't count how many over you are and focus on the next shot until you make that last putt at 18.
  5. Carl T

    Carl T
    Little Rock, AR

    My last round was different than any round I have ever played in 50 years of golf. On the front I had 4 double bogeys and 5 pars for a 40. On the back I shot even with 1 bogey and 1 birdie for an 80. Current hcp is an 11 so the score is not that odd but the way I got there was. I was like an engine on the front firing on every other cylinder and on the back I did not dwell on any score on any hole. I just hit the ball, try to get on the green and make a putt and what ever the score, start again on the next hole. I have been playing long enough to realize that getting mad when you screw up does not help. You screw up, just forget about it, play the next shot. Sounds simple but it has taken me almost a lifetime to do it.
  6. Are you maintaining nutrition junk food at the turn, but you need to eat and drink something
  7. Lance P

    Lance P
    hillsborough, NC

    I agree with all the other good advice. It's fairly simple: Stay in the present and stay hydrated!
  8. Dude, far out! Congrat's one your first eagle, man :) Not to one-up you, but one of my best accomplishments is to have eagled back to back par 5's, and eagles are always so much fun!

    My tip would be to make every shot count. One of the most important lessons that golf had taught me, and I know it would resonate with so many others, is that golf makes you 100% accountable for everything that you do. It's just like life :) Nobody is going to take their time and hit your shots for you, so make you give every shot the importance it deserves. Think of every shot as a withdrawal from your bank account, so don't waste any 'money', lol. One of my experiences is when an older member told me that if I lost 3 balls, he was sending my butt home. You can bet that I didn't even lose 1, hahaha.

    Being a single digit is no big deal, so you can definitely make it!

  9. msalejandro1201

    Hampton, VA

    I'm currently battling that same issue but for me it's back to back rounds, not halfs. I think I have to stay out of my head and stop trying to play numbers, but instead play golf.
  10. Hi Mitchk2

    Sounds like you are progressing which is good, I always look at the following-

    Nutrition during the round- are you getting enough?
    Pre shot routines- speed, quality
    Mental training to stay in the present

    Hope this helps.

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