915 D3

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By Roosevelt B

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    I have 915 D3 Driver set at A1 loft 8.5 angle is good just at the highest peak there is a slight fade what setting would take the fade out ?

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    B2 is .75 upright, A2 is 1.5 upright, D2 is 1.5 upright and .75 lower, and C2 is .75 upright and .75 lower
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    B2 keeps the loft the same and should take out some of the fade. heres link to titleist surefit guid. www.titleist.com/.../surefit
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    I would go b2 if the fade is truly causing you to lose a lot of distance or you are missing a lot of fairways because of it. I know some people don't like the flight of a fade but if it is a well managed fade and it isn't causing any major issues, I personally wouldn't even worry about it and just play the fade. Mainly because I believe sometimes when you get too crazy with adjusting the stuff you start to rely on the club too much instead of really focusing on you putting the perfect swing on the ball!
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    upgrade to 917 with a draw bias weight

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