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By DHoffmn

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  1. It seems that most instructional articles suggest that as the length of the golf club increases from 9 to 2, 3, etc. the stance should widen. I too widen my stance but ever so slightly. My result is a steeper angle than widening the stance but my result is a higher ball flight than if i widen my stance. My stance never gets to shoulder width except with driver.

    The longer shaft, as such, does not appear to me to necessitate a wider stance, especially with the irons which are all struck with a descending angle. I understand the driver off a tee requires a swing to make contact on a slight upward angle to achieve the elevation, low spin and maximize distance. But widening the stance with irons just seems like it puts an additional "different thing" into setup and tends to change the swing plane on every iron.

    I suppose the answer is......."if it works for you, have at it laddie."

    Question: Anyone else experiment with this? And, results?

  2. Clinton M

    Clinton M
    lilburn, GA

    no I have not tried it.
  3. Michael JC

    Michael JC
    Orwell, VT

    My normal set up is almost always shoulder width. Slightly wider for the driver, narrower for pitches/ chipping. Looking for a stable set up.

    If it works for you, have at it!
  4. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    You know, I am 70 years old and love playing this wonderful game called golf and try not to think about the techniques while on the course. I normally take my stance ensuring that my alignment is towards my target then I grip it and rip it. Solid 11 handicap. Too many different opinions in all those instructional videos/articles/etc. If I have an issue I go see my pro and he can fix me in about fifteen minutes. While warming up I use an alignment stick and work on tempo. This works wonders for me.
  5. James H

    James H
    Essex, 0

    I tend to keep my stance the same width for all irons, narrower for chipping and wider for my woods.
    I adjust the flight with my irons by varying the ball position slightly
  6. I also tend to keep my stance the same with for all irons (maybe a little bit wider for the 3 and 4 iron swings), about shoulder width apart with my woods/hybrid, over shoulder width for my driver so I become more stable, and narrow when chipping. I also adjust ball flight by adjusting the position of the ball in my stance.
  7. Darryl M

    Darryl M
    Wichita, KS

    I have messed with it on the range to try & optimize my swing with my irons & have not seen a reasonable amount of change to make me widen my stance with my irons. It actually at times had a worse effect by descending too sharp and hitting thick shots. So I just stay balanced on the balls of my feet with my irons, shorter as stated with my wedges & about shoulder width on my driver. But tempo & balance is the key for my swing.
  8. Edward K

    Edward K
    Wesley Chapel, FL

    I'd say the only thing really important is to not get it too wide, which is easy to do. Width is something that varies from one to another.

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