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By Rob E

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  1. Rob E
    San Jose, CA

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    I Would love to get some opinions on what the perfect stand bag is for someone that walks and likes to carry. For me it’s between the Players 4 and Players 4UP Stadry. Thoughts Team Titleist?

  2. Dale V
    Escondido, CA

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    Yes, i have both the 1st Generation 4UP bag and the Players 4. I am using the Players 4 most of the time and jump to the 4UP for Bandon or other places where i would walk more or it might be rainy. The 1st gen 4UP had a couple of issues i think they resolved in the current offering. First, the bag stood a bit too much upright and was susceptible to blowing over. Second, the strap pads were too thin. I was able to solve that easily by adding seat belt pads i got in the auto parts store. My issues with the new Players 4 bag are; the water bottle pocket moved to the bottom of the bag so anything in the side pocket is in the way when you use it, the zipper on the large right-side pocket run across the middle instead of the top so things fall out if not zipped up and the zipper tries to snag on clothes coming across the middle. Some people have had issues with the cross-strap holder which is on both current models. I have not had a problem with mine. Finally, the 4UP is a bit smaller diameter and more rounded so it feels less bulky when walking. These are very small issues. I don't believe anything is ever "perfect" and both these are great bags.
  3. Deno
    Hawthorne, NJ

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    I have an older model Titleist stand bag similar to the Players 4 and really like it. The only problem I have is the bottom jiggles out of the Golf cart. I have to strap it in sideways. Even then, the bottom doesn't fit in the cart securely at the bottom. I've gone back to my Staff bag for cart riding. Both are great bags. I like the new Titleist 5 for my next upgrade.
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    I just got off the phone with customer service about my 2016 Stadry stand bag. I am a loyal Titleist player and tend to use all their peripheral items also. (FJ shoes, ProV1, Gloves, and bag. I played no more than 30 rounds with it and I loved the bag until the waterproof zipper broke on the main gear pocket. There is no way to fix the zipper and it was bought 19 months ago with very little use. They will not do anything at all about it. I don't have experience with the Players 4 but I will not ever buy a Titleist StaDry again. The zipper looks great but is garbage.

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