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By Tony C

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  1. Tony C

    Tony C
    Warren, RI

    When should you re-grip your clubs (how many rounds)?

    When should you replace your golf glove?

    This should help me and other members.

    It appears that some of my clubs need re-gripping now and some in the near future. Should I re-grip the whole set or just the ones that need re-gripping?

  2. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    When 1 needs replacing and you're using the same grip, I'd do all the ones that show signs. Since I swap a 58 and 60 based on the expected sand conditions, I might not ever replace those grips. I keep a clean glove and a more experienced glove. Once my wife uses tongs to p/u the experience glove, I break out a new one and the prior clean one becomes the experienced. My gloves tend to ugly out.
  3. Tyler H

    Tyler H
    Appleton, WI

    Personally, I regrip my clubs at the beginning of each season. As the grips show wear or become slick I may replace mid-season as necessary. As far as gloves, I use a new one about every 4 rounds or so. Remember that if you hit a large bucket of balls (50 or so) on the range that is equivalent to about a full rounds of golf. If you take a practice swing before each shot during a round, there is another round on the glove.

    I am fairly particular with my glove, so I may replace quicker than normal, but it works for me.

    Used gloves get saved for range sessions.

  4. I don't change my grips often. When I do, I would do the whole set. I think I'm on year 5 with my current grips. But I only play a couple times a week and don't play October - March (typically).

    As for gloves, once I start getting a hole in it or when it will stand up by its self then I'll replace it. I do usually have 2-3 in a rotation so that helps out a little as well.
  5. Tom P

    Tom P
    Stanley, NC

    I play over 100 rounds per year. I clean my grips every 10 - 12 rounds. I replace all of my grips once per year, usually sometime in March. Another thing you can do is keep your hands clean during the round and do not store your clubs in the trunk of your car. As far as gloves go, I wear the Titleist Players glove and the Perma Soft glove. I carry two gloves and switch at the turn. Gloves generally last at least 10 rounds; a lot depends on the weather and temperature. I hope my info helps you.
  6. Gary D

    Gary D
    Cranston, RI

    I don't wear a glove. Grips are a confidence game played by the manufacturers. Try playing without wearing one. It will feel odd at first but after awhile you won't even notice it. Just keep your grips and hands clean and dry. As far as replacing your grips, replace them individually as they need it. What's hard about that ?
  7. I think It depends on your preferences. I get a lot of play with my grips. I can go two or more seasons without changing. My hands do not sweat a lot and I clean them regularly. My Gloves get changed when they get too funky- I like them "fresh".. If you have any doubts about whether its time to change probably best to do it.
  8. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    I regrip annually and do the whole set at the same time for consistency in feel. I clean all grips about every 5-10 rounds of golf with warm, soapy water and a bristled brush. I don't wear a glove so its even more difficult and important for me to keep them from getting slick.
  9. Tony C

    Tony C
    Warren, RI

    To all, thank you for your comments. It gives me a better idea on grips and gloves. I do use my glove until it has a hole in it, but I do find it wearing in the right side of the palm after 5 rounds. My grips are my original grips from the manufacturer. I clean my clubs after each round with a brush and warm water. I also clean my grips after each round. Thanks again to all....

    Tony C

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