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By Richard V

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  1. Hi, I've played Titleist product for years and here a small background. Started with DCI 762, then AP2's 712 model and now T100. Went with the standard shafts, off the rack on the DCI's, then also off the rack AP2's with dymanic gold s300 shafts. 2 years ago found it was a task to swing the clubs and get distance from them, so change shafts last year and put the AMT Black s300's and last year just killed the ball and scores were more to my liking. So with that info I had, ordered a set of T100 with the AMT Black s300 shafts, didn't hit them well at all, played with them for 2 1/2 months hit them poorly and no feel or constantly with hittng the face. So went a place traded them in and got the stock model AMT Tour White s300 and same problem. Just wondering if the lie angle, total lenght or what Titleist irons have changed in between the AP2's and the T100 irons. The total info on the website doesn't give all the specs for the new models compared to the older models. If there is a huge difference in the clubs, I would like to know as I do love the Titleist product, but if I keep hitting them poorly, I'll will be looking for a new set of clubs through out the bag, from driver to putter.

  2. Thomas K

    Thomas K
    Steamboat Springs, CO

    I have a set of T100s irons, 5 through PW. I play a SM7 gap wedge. I have played all the Titleist irons since Titleist acquired Golfcraft to get in the club business. I have three sets of AP2 718s with different shafts. Same with every AP2 model. But the standard specs on my T100s irons are what I was fitted for by Titleist in my DCI 762s. Obviously those clubs were bent for loft and lie. I've been bending all of the irons to those specifications since the late 1990s. I would check the lie angles on your new T100s and then go to a fitter to see if your swing speed has changed. But my take on the T100s irons is they are very strong with wonderful feel. Shafts are important. I've played with X100s, S400s, the range of Aldila iron shafts and most recently with Aerotech Steel Fiber shafts. If you decide to give up on the T100s irons, I'm interested.

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