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By Marcus J

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  1. Marcus J

    Marcus J
    Singapore, 0

    Hi All,

    Just a question on custom shaft length. I'm keen on ordering the TS2 driver but I'm wondering, if i order a shorter shaft say 44.5 instead of 45.5 (Standard). Would I need to worry about swing weight or is that something that Titleist would take care of for me?

    Also is there a difference in ordering a shaft at a given length than having it cut afterwards?

    Thanks, Marcus

  2. Jon S

    Jon S
    Collinsville, CT

    Yes, you would change swing weight, and when you place you order with Titleist, they will use a heavier weight in the head that bring the swing weight back to standard. They do this all the time, so no worries.
  3. Joseph M

    Joseph M
    Saint John, New Brunswick

    Titleist not knowing whether you may want the resulting swing weight reduction will not make any adjustment to swing weight, thus, whether you make the shaft length adjustment or they do the result is the same. If you want a shorter shaft and standard (or other) swing weight you need to specify and Titleist will advise if they can't meet your needs.
  4. Barry B

    Barry B
    Lake St Louis, MO

    If you order the club with the 44.5" shaft and specify the swing weight as "standard" then Titleist with set it up with the standard swing weight.

    Ordering the club with the shaft at the length you want and having the swing weight set up by Titleist saves you the trouble of doing it yourself (which weight needs to be ordered after taking an inch off the shaft).
  5. Marcus J

    Marcus J
    Singapore, 0

    Thanks all for answering my questions, will go a head and order a TS2 with custom shaft soon.

    All the best,

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