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  1. Am about to order t300 irons who all uses them and how forgiving are they? Had brain surgery last year and still having trouble controlling my extremities, so my blades aren't working like they used to.

  2. Tim D

    Tim D
    kokomo, IN

    I purchased a set of t300 in March 2020 and play to a 14 handicap. I am very pleased with the performance of the irons. I suggest a fitting on a Titleist Thursday to find out what clubs are right for you.
    Hope well on the mend.
  3. Just switched from cally apex to t300 and love them. Very forgiving and my miss hits are still getting good distance. I was nervous for the look of the club but looking down at the clubs they look great ! Extremely happy with them !
  4. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    I purchased a set in September 2019. I was playing 916AP1s and really love the new irons. My fitter changed by shafts from stiff to regular and that made a difference in that I am gaining about fifteen yards and they fly nigh and tight. Got about twenty rounds in with them and then I had back surgery. Hoping to get back in tune soon. Recommend them, but please get fitted. The correct shaft is what drives those heads.

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