Vibration in irons

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By Golfer83

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  1. Hey guys,

    I just recently started playing again. Some of my irons have a weird vibration , not a rattle...but more of a vibration sound. I know it's hard to explain. Every now and then I can feel something heavy ish move in the shaft of my 5 iron. Not like loose epoxy or anything...I took the grip off nothing came out. I took it a step further and got a camera to go down the shaft. I uploaded the pics. I'm not sure what the vibration noise could be. If you hold the club by the ferrule it doesn't make the noise as much. Anything that could help would be great. My biggest fear is the club head flying off an I lose it ,since the clubs aren't made anymore. They are zb irons.

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  2. Any thoughts?
  3. Never has this problem... you could take it to the retailer you bought them from and see what their thoughts are....

    Good luck!
  4. Alex N

    Alex N

    Take them to a fitter who would have the tools and knowledge to possibly know what it could be. Hard to say without hearing what you’re talking about.
  5. Sorry for the late reply, for some reason I'm not getting notifications . Thank you guys for replying!
  6. MW


    It may be a tip weight that came loose? A good club repair person can help you out I have a feeling.

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