T200 5/6 Iron to wedge

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By Richard A

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  1. Richard A

    Richard A
    St Neots, Cambs

    My set of 716 AP2's irons consisted of 4 to PW, some time ago I replaced my 4 iron for a hybrid of equivalent distance as I began to struggle with the 4 iron. I have just ordered a set of T200's the 5 iron of the T200's is 24 degrees same loft as my old 4 iron so my order consists of 6 toW. I'm concerned that I might struggle with the 5 iron as I did with my previous 4 iron. I'm aware that the makeup of the T200's long irons are designed to help get the ball more easily airborne and are more forgiving. I would be interested if anyone have similar issues.

  2. Richard A

    Richard A
    St Neots, Cambs

    Doesn't anyone hit a T200 5 iron
  3. Doug E

    Doug E
    Urbana, MD

    I will next week, I hope. I'm waiting for my new T200s to arrive. I will hit a 5 iron for sure.

    I played AP2 716s in PW-7i and AP3s in 6-4 irons. Love my AP3 4 iron. In fact, I'm keeping it in the bag for now and going with T200s from W-5 iron. Once they are paid off, I will reassess my 4 iron situation to decide whether to go with a new U series iron, or a TS3 21* hybrid, or add the T200 4 iron. I may even just skip them all and just keep playing the AP3 4 iron if I continue to hit it as well as I have been. It's almost as easy to hit as my AP3 6 iron.

    Unless you have very low swing speed, I can't see why you would have any problem with the T200 5 iron. If you put a good swing on the ball, the T200 5 iron will reward you with good distance. It is supposed to be very forgiving. I expect I'll find out for sure next week.
  4. Harry L

    Harry L

    716 AP1 4-5 iron and 6-PW AP2 716 since years. But yes i´m thinking about the TS200 or AP3.
  5. Richard A

    Richard A
    St Neots, Cambs

    I've just been out on the course for the first time with my new T200's and I must say that apart from getting my head around the yardage difference between my old 716 AP2's I haven't really noticed any difference in feel. I realise it's still early days but they felt brilliant, I'm really glad I went for the T200's.
    To answer my original question I don't think I will be getting a 5 iron because the new 6 iron when struck well gives me the desired distance of 170 yards.
  6. After many years of "wait til next year" I now have a new set of T200's , 5-W with Tensi Red shafts. Have only had time to hit a small bucket but what I saw was amazing! Close to 2 clubs longer than old technology. I have also purchased T2 driver and T2 fairway to go along! Will need some time to fill in from 5 iron down, but will have fun figuring it out. If the 5 iron proves to be a bit tough to hit, it will go in the closet right next to all my old and never hit 3 and 4 irons from back in the day. If I can keep going, someday I will have a complete set of brand new single unmatched irons!

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