Players not gaming CBs

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By alex m

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  1. alex m

    alex m
    east providence, RI

    Wondering why more pros or even low cap players aren't gaming the CBs. They seem like they would be substantially more forgiving than an MB but still have that classic look and lines. I see mostly ap2s or now the t100s going into bags but can also see them not being the most aesthetically pleasing for some. I would think the CB 620s would be a perfect in between option to get both forgiveness and classic look.

    Interested in others thoughts.


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  2. ADeLucia

    Clayton NC

    I personally love the look of the new cb's
  3. Chris M

    Chris M

    Asked myself the same question! Quite astonishing that not more players have them in their bag!
    I play the 718CM and absolutely love them, great distance and shot shaping!
  4. Gator

    Broken Arrow, OK

    I see a lot more players going to the T100's and not choosing CB's as well because they basically look the same when addressing the ball with the thinner topline and less offset. If you look at the new T100 and 620 CB at address, it is very difficult to tell them apart. Also a lot of players are getting better (less) spin numbers with the T-100's than CB's when being fit. And obviously they are more forgiving and a thin shot or miss hit.
  5. CB's spin too much compared to the other models you mentioned.
  6. IAhawkeyeDDS

    Coralville, IA

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  7. Keep in mind tour clubs are meant to do two things - meet the performance requirements of the players, and 2. to sell more of a given club. Now, as more mid handicappers will likely play the T series due to distance and forgiveness, it seems logical that tour players would use this club more often.
    Also note that tour players can have their clubs tailored to help offset any differences in height and spin characteristics from grinding, bending, and weighting changes.

    I agree that aesthetics are critically important for most players, and the CBs are a gorgeous club design. But, at address, if you cannot tell the difference between a T100 and a CB, and the T100 is going to afford more forgiveness, versatility, and spin/control, it is no surprise the CBs are not as common.

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