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By kmcgarryschoof

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I am playing to about a 16-17 right now (fairly new golfer.) Last year I bought 718 AP1s and LOVE them. However, with the strong lofts I did a wedge fitting and picked up 3 vokey SM7s (48.10, 54.10, and 60.08). When I did the fitting, my 48 was my 120 club and I’m not sure what happened but now I hit it about 100 which is what I hit my 54.

    I am thinking maybe something with more forgiveness will help me with the gapping. I’m leaning towards picking up the 718 AP1 48 degree but wanted to get other opinions!

    Thanks in advance.

  2. I'm going back to a 4 iron. when i bought the 718's I only bought through the 5 Iron. instead I got the 915h 24 with a diamond flex-r HY shaft.

    What shaft do I go to on the new T300. I'm assuming the T300 is the old AP1. I have the AP1 718 tense 1 ck series flex r mitsubishi chemical irons.
  3. DLFree

    Piqua, OH

    I play the ap1 48* W1 and 53* W2 with a 57* sm7. My 48* is my 120 yard club. 53* is 105 or less. I like the ap1 wedges so much i really only use the sm7 out of bunkers.
  4. Darron K

    Darron K
    Fate, TX

    Personally if I was to get AP1 I would have gotten the W1 (48°) and went with 2 or 3 vokeys after that to finish off my set. I currently game AP2s and I have 5-PW with three vokeys 50°, 54° and 58°. I've thought about getting the 50° AP2 but since so much time has passed I'm just going to get fit for the T series and decided after that. If I do get the T100's I'll get the 50° from that set.
  5. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Part of this is the distance you get with your PW (AP-1). If that is 130-140, then you do have a gap at 120 yards. You should work with a fitter to see why the 48 and 54 are the same, maybe it is as simple as the ball position in your setup. Otherwise, the fitter may recommend the W-1. The W-1 will have a different bounce than the 48-F, so the fitter can also see how you use the 48 to see if the W-1 will fit your set best. You will need to order shortly to still get a AP-1 new from Titleist. New orders will changing over to the T-300 shortly after August 30.
  6. Okay so update...

    I went and got fitted and was extremely surprised.

    My PW distance is 130 yards.
    My ideal 48 distance is 120
    My 54 distance is 105

    The AP1 48 was going 150...no idea how. The fitter said that the extra loft and forgiveness could be the reason for such an extreme distance.

    With those numbers it was decided that I need to work out the kinks with the volley because the AP1 was too long.

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