old used accu-flo irons 3 thru pw

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By PEvans

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  1. Have an old set of Accu-Flo irons in very good condition is there any value in these clubs? Thank you, Peter Evans

  2. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Not really, if for playing. They appear to be from 1982. E-bay indicates posted prices have been $60-75 a set. I have a set of 1980 Tour irons and (actual) woods. I only take them out when I don't care about the score. They are definitely not as forgiving or as long as my AP3s (even accounting for loft changes). Otherwise, they will be a nice wall display if I ever get my man cave/room done. If you wanted to cash them in, you could post them as a collector's option and see if you get any takers for $300-500.
  3. Christopher V

    Christopher V
    Edmond, OK

    My first irons were Accu-Flo's, let me know if you post them on Ebay or something similar.

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