Black AP2 and AP3’s

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By CAlvarez

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  1. I have a fitting in two weeks and looking at these clubs. Are the black versions of these clubs still available. Does anyone own them now and can comment on them. They are a bit pricy but look amazing.

  2. I saw some in a local shop a week ago, AP2’s and AP3’s
  3. Thanks! Hope I can get them at my fitting.
  4. ragsgg

    Boone, NC

    I agree, the black look so sweet! Hope the fitting goes well for you.
  5. Thanks!
  6. I think that custom orders are done for the black sets. I cannot find a AP2 3 iron anywhere. However, I love mine. The weight for me coming from blades has taken some getting use to but over all I am happy with them. They wear (in my opinion) exceptionally well.
  7. Todd H

    Todd H
    New Mexico

    I got the AP3 black irons back in January. I was worried that they might wear due to the black wearing off of the sole or the face. But they still look as good as new. I am very glad that I bought these. They are sweet looking irons, and I always get compliments on them.
  8. I have them and love them!! Showing some slight wear on the leading edges of mine but overall I'm happy with they way they are holding up. Some of the faces have some scratching on them (but in the right spot...the sweet spot!!) probably from hitting crappy range balls but overall they are great!
  9. Had mine a few months now and am a bit worried about the leading edge wear, beginning to look like its flattening out. Took them into my pro yesterday and he said they did look like they were wearing. Anyone know if they are manufactured with a small flat section on the leading edge?

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