Vintage 841 irons

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By Kurt S

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  1. Kurt S

    Kurt S
    New Orleans

    Can anyone give me any info on a set of 1984 Titleist 841 irons? The shafts are ascending in weight. DYNAMIC GOLD STEEL SHAFTS / 1 IRON - R300 / 2-3 S300 / 4-5 S400 / 6-W S500

    I noticed that the shafts have numbers lightly etched on the shafts above the ferrules( could not find a number on the 7 or 8 iron).

    The numbers are 44072 (2, 3 irons), 44424 (4, 5, irons) 44076( 6, 9, PWs SW) The 1 iron has BNGBL5C All the shafts have lightly etched serial numbers on them above the ferrule. Grips are Newman Leather.

    I have searched online and I cannot find anything about them or another set for that matter.

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  2. Kurt S

    Kurt S
    New Orleans

    So here on the "Titleist" forum, no one has any information about these clubs?......
  3. Kurt S

    Kurt S
    New Orleans

    Still stumping the group here I see.......Disappointing:-(
  4. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    if you go to Clubs on this web site, there is a tag for Previous models. If you search by Irons, the Tour 841 is on the 3rd page, so you can at least get the factory loft, lie, and overall length. Because your irons have varying shafts, that number could easily be the serial number, and the heads and shaft combinations could have done in separate batches. Just a guess, of course.

    I have a set of 1981 Tour forged irons (recently acquired) but they all are R-300 shafts. Virtually new, all I did was replace the hardened Victory grips with newer ones I found on e-Bay. Fortunately, they are also listed so I can find the lofts on them, as well.

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