TS3 Driver Stock Evenflow 6.0 or 6.5

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By Greyson P

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  1. I was recently fitted and purchased a TS3 with evenflow t1100 white shaft 65. I was wondering what swing speed do you need for a 6.5 in this shaft. I currently have stock 6.0. My swing spee was 110 on driving range. The shaft feels a little whippy but feel confident I got the right shaft. Just wanted some verification.

  2. I have the same swing speed as you and was fitted in to the even flow 6.5. As my numbers were better with that one compared to any other shaft.

    If you were fitted for that shaft and are hitting it good I wouldn’t worry too much about changing anything.

    If you really wanted to try the same shaft in a 6.5, log onto shaftshack they offer trial shafts for around $40 for a 7 day period.

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