TS3 Vs 917 D2

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By Gary B

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  1. Gary B

    Gary B
    Neepawa, XX

    Just wondering for those who have played or demoed both.Isthe Ts3 as forgiving as the 917 d2?

    Also I did just pick up a 10.5 head . I am slightly concerned that my 90- 95 ish swing speed will not create enough spin to get the most out of it. Any thoughts ? There are not any demos in my area. thanks gb

  2. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    Sorry you can't find a Titleist Thursday or demo day near you. I can't over emphasize the importance of comparing options by hitting multiple set ups using the TrackMan. I had the 917D3 Aldila Rogue 65R and thought i would be fit in the TS2. We ended up in the TS3 10.5 Tensei Blue 55R. I am getting better results, not just distance but more importantly, much better accuracy. The 10.5 loft works well with my slower swing speed. I have a natural high launch angle anyway so even with a slow swing I do better in the 9.5 - 10.5 range. Higher loft just doesn't get me any roll out. Hope you can find a place to get fit. Good luck.
  3. I had the 917 D2 10.5 with the Rogue Silver 60s. I also have a 90-95ish swing speed. I got fitted at a Titleist Thursday and liked the TS3 the best. Yes my spin came way down, I had 2700 917 D2 @ 10.5, 1900 TS3 @ 10.5, we lofted up to 11.25 and my spin and launch came in at 13-14 with 2000-2200 spin, and that was with the low spin Evenflow White 65s. So far I am seeing more distance and control with the TS3. Forgiveness wise I don't see much difference but I hit pretty consistently out of the center of the club at the 45" shaft, the 45.5" stock shaft was not as good. Try to find a Titleist Thursday near you and get fit.
  4. Scott P

    Scott P
    Annapolis, MD

    I just got a TS3 10.5, and have played a 917D3 previously. I would think forgiveness isn't an issue with the TS line... most fitters will tell you either model will be similar. As for forgiveness compared to a 917 I would think the TS would edge it out, I didnt ever get along with my 917 really. I am loving my TS, the 3 vs 2 differences are noticeable side by side, but not so much separate. I love the 3 style head shape, and have been really getting along with the TS3 over multiple rounds. I don't swing much faster than you, so getting the right shaft is the key, the head is only part of it. I have the Tensei AV 68 stiff and can load it just fine.

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