Bending TMB 2 Iron from 17d to 15d

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By Josh M

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  1. Josh M

    Josh M
    Street, 0

    I currently have a 716 TMB 2 iron which I love. Use use it from everywhere and gets the distance and shot I'm looking for. However, I would like to get a bit more distance and lower trajectory to replace my 3 wood that spins too much into wind. Im looking to get a windy day replacement for that in the form of a TMB 2 iron turned down from 17 degrees to about 14/15 degrees, i have no issue using a club with little loft but an wondering about the feasibility or any issues around bending the club down? Has anyone done it before? I will also be looking to re-shaft to give a 1 iron length shaft.

  2. Have a 712 u 2 iron that I hit pretty high off the deck so I had it bent 2 degrees strong. Just could not hit it right after that off the ground. Fine off a tee. Maybe it was the offset or the bounce but had it returned to specs and it is fine again. Be careful with the TMB . It is not forged and harder to bend.
  3. Joseph M

    Joseph M
    Saint John, New Brunswick

    It shouldn't be an issue with breakage to bend loft down to 15 degrees,however, I believe the TM-B has zero bounce so you would be at 2 degrees negative bounce which may lead to the reduced performance Ken encountered with his 712U

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