Gimmick clubs on TV

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By Chuck Z

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  1. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    I guess each of us are constantly interrupted, while watching golf, about how to improve our golf game. One that really gets me is the Square Strike. How to improved you game around the green. Put away your wedges. Lee Trevino, if I recall correctly, always said get it on the ground quickly for best results. As I watched that advertisement I noticed the loft of the club and it was 45*. Hummmmm!!!!!! That is equivalent to a pitching wedge or in some case maybe a nine iron. Seems simple to me. When I am off the edge of the green that is what I normally do, with great results. I use a putting stroke with my nine iron or PW with awesome results. Think most have been doing this for years. What do you do? Guess that is what makes the golf industry interesting. People chasing the perfect game, other than buying good equipment, getting fit by qualified fitters, and taking a lesson. But what do we know. Guess we are Titleist snobs. With respect. Cheers. ; )

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