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By D L McManis

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  1. D L McManis

    D L McManis

    Hi Guys, I wondered if I can have your help and advice please?

    I am buying a full set of Clubs at the end of the month. Below is a few Stats and what's in my bag at the moment. Handicap: 18 Clubs: png G30 Ball: ProV1x I have decided to go to the Brand Titleist for all 14 of the clubs. Mt question is which model or models are not blades please

  2. Johnny Tee

    Johnny Tee
    Mississauga, ON

    Depends on your swing and if you are looking for anything specific to your game. A fitting would be in order here, would you be able to get to one of the Titleist Thursdays?
  3. Bill L

    Bill L
    Spring, TX

    The AP 1,2, and 3 line are cavity back clubs. The CB is kind of in between and the MB's are traditional blades.
    I would contact your local PGA Pro and get a fitting or go to www.titleist.com/.../golf-club-fitting to find a fitting location or fitting day.
  4. Just going off the handicap probably AP1 or AP3 for the irons. Hopefully you are going to get fit for these and not just buy them off the shelf. There is a lot more to it than just getting the model right, shafts can make a very big difference as well.
  5. Darron K

    Darron K
    Fate, TX

    The only opinion you need is: Get fit from a certified Titleist fitter, that is the only way you'll know what sticks are best for your game.
  6. D L McManis

    D L McManis

    Thanks for the advice I will be going for a full fitting I have also got my Specs for the set I have now from png so hopefully there is not many changes
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