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By MMcGuffin

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  1. Anyone have feedback on the new TS driver? Currently playing the M4.

  2. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    Quite a few posts here on the site about the TS2 and TS3. Think you will find nothing but positive reviews. I personally love my TS3 and glad i put it in the bag last fall.
  3. Barry M

    Barry M
    Reno, NV

    I recently updated to the TS2 driver from a 915 D2 driver. Went to a TM fitting in November for the M3 or M4 but nothing they tried really improved my numbers. Got fitted indoors in February for the TS2 and saw major improvement. Due to weather I have not been able to get out and try it on course, but I can assure you it looks better than the M4 sitting in my house waiting for the weather to improve.
  4. I just spent 3 weeks testing every new driver on the market except for the new miz. I do not test clubs at an indoor facility because I want to see the flight for myself. Therefore I found a course that let me take them out on the course to test. I thought I was going to buy the new Epic Flash at first. The pro that fitted me wanted to try the TS3 with a 1/2” shorter shaft. I am not only killing it I am barely missing any fairways! I am 6’1” tall and was skeptical on a shorter shaft but the results are the best I have ever had! I am sold on the TS3 but make sure you take time to get fitted for the proper length and not just clubhead.
  5. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    Seems like most folks comment on the few extra yards but for me, the accuracy of my TS3 and Tensei Blue shaft is the biggest contributor to my improved play. The snap hook is gone and i am hitting more shots on line to the correct part of the fairway. Just got back from Cabo where i played 35 1/2 holes with the same ball. The lost ball on the second shot from the middle of the fairway on 18 i blame on my hybrid and the distraction of the waves from the Pacific Ocean.
  6. I switched from M1 with a custom fit tour ad di. The distance was about the same but the dispersion is so much tighter. I am hitting a lot more fairways. Love my TS2
  7. Eric H

    Eric H
    Ridgway, PA

    I was coming from a 915 D@ that i absolutely loved and now I have TS2 and started in the smoke shaft. For whatever reason, that shaft and I didn't work out together. I was able to see a PGA professional, and mess around with some other shafts. Once i got into a proper shaft everything changed. I increased ball speed and launch, which gave me a few more yards carry. Just like Dale V, the best improvement was accuracy. I was incredibly more accurate on the flight scope than previously.
    - faster
    - higher
    - farther
    - straighter
    Thats a pretty good combination LOL!

    Are you gonna see a 10-12 yard change in carry? I don't know if thats gonna be the case, but you will see noticeable gains, which can make all the difference!
  8. getting fitted with the right shaft is just as important as the club head. Currently playing the M5 because of feel/sound..,

    IMHO all of the top drivers today are pushing the limits of technology. so, it really depends what shaft is best for your swing and what feels/sounds best to you.

  9. Kelch


    Just replaced my super dated Rapture with a TS3 today. The club head is more about look at address and feel/sound. The shaft is enhances the feel you like but it's the money maker for consistency. Titleist's TS line is absolutely gorgeous and I personally love the sound. Dialed in the numbers with a Diamana Ltd D+ White 70 XStiff and cannot wait to put it in play this weekend. Find a Titleist Thursdays event and see for yourself!
  10. Has anyone played the Diamana S+ 60 blue stiff shaft in the TS2 head and how have you found it?

    I was fitted for and pulled the trigger recently on TS2 driver with Blue stiff Tensei AV 55. So far love the look, sound and solid feel but struggling with it on the course. Good shots mixed with too many hooks and slices... left/right but never sure which. I have the Diamana S+ blue stiff shaft in both my 915F woods (70g) a 913h hybrid (82g) and love them. H/cap 12, SS now circa/under 90. Thinking of getting and trying a 45" Diamana S+ 60 blue stiff shaft.
  11. I ordered the S+60 for my TS2 as it was the modern version of Diamana shaft I had in my old png which I hit solid and straight. Should have got fitted as ball keeps sliding right. Tried Tensei AV 55 Blue stiff at a Titleist fitting event and it felt MUCH better. Set both to A3 on adapter to cure the slider. S+ straightened out but had higher trajectory. Tensei was also straight but much more penetrating flight so ordering that shaft now. I play off 6 and just wish I went for stock Tensei when I ordered the TS2. Happy to swap my S+ for your Tensei lol. Am in Scotland ;)

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