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By Keith M

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  1. Keith M

    Keith M
    Acworth, GA

    Finally, after many years I'm going for a proper wedge fitting. I'm doing it at my local club with our pro, who fitted me for my 718 AP1s and TS3 driver. For reasons I can't explain, I've always bought my wedges off the shelf and filled the gaps accordingly.

    Can't wait to get it done and see what options I end up with, rather than just going with what I thought was best for me based on my limited golf knowledge.

  2. Cool, good luck and enjoy!
  3. I cannot say enough about my fitting for Vokey wedges. I had Titleist fitter Vince Young do my entire bag from putter to driver. The wedge fitting was the most eye-opening. He not only changed my gaps, bounces and grinds, he also changed the shafts. He took me from the standard wedge flex to the Project X 6.5 on my 50 degree and the Project X 6.0 on the 56 and 60 degrees. I struggled the first couple of rounds with them. I spoke with Vince and he asked how it was going and I told him about my struggles. He told me to quit over thinking and trust the set up. I took his advice and have not looked back. I will never buy any club off the rack again. Recently I played in a tournament and Vince was in the group in front of me with the Vokey rep for Georgia. He went over and looked at my bag, inspected my clubs and got a big smile on his face when he pulled out my wedges and saw the shafts. I just told him that Vince was responsible for that.

    Look forward to your thoughts after you get fit for your wedges.
  4. I think you’ll be happy you got a proper fitting, with all the different options in wedges to fit your swing style& game etc why not take advantage and see if it will help your game.
  5. Keith M

    Keith M
    Acworth, GA

    Thanks everyone. It went well yesterday. My pro recommended loft changes to 54 and 58 from my current 52 and 56 to better fit my gaps based the yardage I hit with my 48 deg AP1 wedge. He said we can always get it bent a little in case it doesn't quite give me the yardage I'm looking for.

    Ordered them in Tour Chrome, with Project X 6.5 shafts, 1" long and 1 deg upright to match my AP1s. Should be fun once they come in.

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