Love my new AP2/3 combo set, AP3 long irons are remarkably good

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By GLionberger

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  1. Under the tree was my first brand new set of irons in over 20 years. I got fit at a Titleist Thursday and ended up in a combo set of AP2 (6-PW) and AP3 (4,5). FWIW I play to a 10 handicap.

    I am playing my first round tomorrow but did get some range time yesterday and just can’t emphasize enough how impressed I am with my AP3 long irons. I’m not a big power player but I was carrying the 4 iron 200 yards without any extra effort and the feel off the face is just awesome. During my fitting I went back and forth between the AP3 and T-MB but couldn’t justify the extra cost of the T-MB. I was a bit nervous since not all reviews of the AP3’s are positive but I am so glad I went with them, the AP3’s are simply awesome.

    BTW the AP2’s are great too!

  2. Quick update, played like a dog, couldn't find the clubface to save my life (of course, when I went to the range afterward to figure out what happened I was striping it). That said, easily my best shots of the day were with my AP3's. I hit one dud tee shot where I just hurried everything but otherwise these were virtually automatic. Great job Titleist!
  3. I love my AP3's, It's hard to beat the Titleist feel!
  4. riley a

    riley a
    Brookings, SD


    What made you go with a combo set? I've been playing 712 AP1s since they came out. Once winter is over, I'm thinking it may be time to explore my options. I know getting fit is the best idea but it's rarely available in my area unless I go to a golf shop. When I was fit for my irons previously, they wanted me to try others even though I said I wanted Titleist so I'm hesitant to do so.

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